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Alcohol affects our judgments.

11 ways alcohol affects your sex life and relationships

A drink can help you relax, bond with others, and reduce anxiety. But too much alcohol also has a negative impact on your relationships.
"We should take our time to know a person and make sure they are who they appear to be," Sussman said.

4 signs your new relationship is moving way too fast

A relationship therapist explains how to tell if your new romance is moving along too quickly, like if you see the person multiple times per week.
Wedding photos can be easier said than done

11 tips for getting amazing wedding photos, according to experts

Getting great wedding photos can be difficult so INSIDER spoke to some experts to find out how you can ensure you get amazing photos of your day.
Anti-fragility is gaining out of chaos.

Being ‘anti-fragile’ in times of pain is just as important as being resilient — here’s what that means

Antifragility is when you gain out of chaos. You don't just bounce back, you grow from the experience.
Tinder just unveiled its "Year in Swipe," a look into how people used the dating app throughout 2018.

Women are most interested in engineers on Tinder, but men’s preferences are very different

Tinder analyzed its past year of data to share dating trends like the most popular times to use the app and the type of matches people searched for.

10 signs your partner is codependent

Codependency is when one partner feels an excessive emotional reliance on their partner. Here are 10 signs your partner might be codependent.
Justin Bieber has an angelic version of his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez.

12 celebrities who got tattoos of their significant others — for better or for worse

Sometimes a photo just isn't enough — these 12 celebs took it a step further and got their partner's faces etched onto their skin.
Very few people leave conversations when they want to, according to research.

Turns out nobody knows how long a conversation should last, and we keep talking way longer than we actually want to

We have no idea what someone else is thinking, so we tend to second-guess how long they want a conversation to last. Usually, we've got it wrong.

How long you should wait to date again after a breakup, according to experts

Breakups can be hard and it's easy to want to find relief in a new relationship. Here's why that might not be the best idea, according to experts.
Laura Stampler and Maurice Goldstein got engaged with the help of 16 very good dogs.

An epic surprise proposal included 16 very good dogs who jumped all over the couple when she said ‘yes’

Is there any joy more pure than a couple in love surrounded by adorable dogs? When Laura Stampler said yes, 16 dogs bounded in to celebrate.