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You can edit Reminders on iPhone to send you reminders at a certain time or location.

How to set, edit, and delete reminders on an iPhone using the Reminders app

You can easily set and delete reminders on your iPhone using the built-in Reminders app. Reminders can also be set to pop up at a certain time.

The 7 most disappointing features in iOS 13

Apple's new software for the iPhone, iOS 13, is a great improvement over the last version. But it's far from perfect.
Google's AI assistant will be able to send reminders to your loved ones.

A new Google Assistant feature tracks the location of your loved ones and sends them reminders like picking up the groceries

Using the new feature you could remind someone to pick something up at the grocery store if they happen to be in the vicinity based on location data.
You can set break reminders on YouTube to limit your screen time.

How to set ‘take a break’ reminders when watching videos on the YouTube mobile app

You can set take a break reminders on YouTube's mobile app to occur as often as every five minutes or as infrequently as once daily. Here's how.

How to get the most out of Reminders, Apple’s best application that can make your life so much easier

You don't need a good memory, or even a traditional calendar, if you know how to use Apple's free Reminders app for iPhones, iPads, and Mac computers.

Apple’s Reminders app is about to get much more useful in iOS 13 — here’s what to expect when the update launches this fall

Apple's Reminders app is getting a major overhaul in iOS 13 that makes it a much more capable task manager.
Craig Federighi, Apple's head of software, unveils iOS 13 at WWDC.

Apple just unveiled the next version of its iPhone software, iOS 13. Here are the biggest changes coming to your iPhone this fall.

Some of the new features on iOS 13 include dark mode, a rebuilt Maps app, and a slew of new photo-editing and privacy features.

The 9 best technologies to share with your significant other

Happiness is only real when it's shared.