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The average millennial will spend over $200,000 on rent before buying a house — but Gen Z will spend even more

Generation Z and millennials will both spend over $200,000 in rent before ever buying a home thanks to increasing rent costs. The top four cities where Gen Z renters are projected to spend the most money are all in California —but they'll probably become homeowners quicker than millennials.

The impending shutdown of a New York City subway line is clobbering rents in parts of Brooklyn

The L-train shutdown is a bargain for New Yorkers who won't mind a longer commute.
Starcity caters to workers who earn less than $90,000 a year.

San Francisco housing is so expensive that middle-class workers are moving into dorms with shared bathrooms

The "middle-class backbone" in San Francisco includes teachers and retail workers who make between $40,000 and $90,000 a year.

The 17 US cities where rents are soaring the most

There are few signs that rents will get cheaper in 2018.
Central Park acts as a front yard for residents of 59th Street.

Take a tour of New York’s most expensive neighborhood for renters, where the apartments cost $6,500 a month

According to StreetEasy data, the median asking rent in Central Park South is $6,500 a month, making it New York City's most expensive.
The runner-up is San Francisco.

The best US cities to live in if you want to work in finance

Some of the best-paying jobs for millennials are in the financial sector.
If you're looking to rent an office in Berlin, rather than one of Germany's other large cities, prepare for a shock.

16 capital cities around the world where you’ll pay the most to rent an office

If you think the rent on your flat is expensive, prepare to learn how much your boss is forking out for your office cubicle.
Might be time to look for a new apartment.

Rents are finally flatlining in San Francisco and New York — here’s what’s causing it

Apartment construction is at a 20-year high in the US, driving down rental prices in some cities.