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Republicans are ‘running for the hills’ instead of confronting Trump, says GOP lawmaker who just lost his primary to a pro-Trump challenge...

Mark Sanford, the Republican representative from South Carolina who lost his primary race in the state this week called out the leaders of his own party who he says have repeatedly refused to hold President Donald Trump accountable for his actions.

John Boehner took a jab at Trump’s marriage and said the GOP is ‘taking a nap’ while he sipped a Bloody Mary at a conference appeara...

Former House Speaker John Boehner says there is no Republican Party anymore — but there is the party of President Donald Trump.

‘We don’t need any self-inflicted wounds’: The GOP is already worrying about losing another seat in a key battleground state

A special election in Ohio between an establishment and outsider candidate is the latest highlighted example of the Republican Party's war with itself.
Former FBI Director James Comey

Comey says the Republican Party has ‘lost their way’ and he can no longer be associated with it

Former FBI Director James Comey said that he is no longer part of the Republican Party in an interview this week.

The Republican Party is piling onto an effort to discredit James Comey’s upcoming book

The Republican National Committee's official Twitter account tweeted a superimposed image of Comey's book that contained quotes that criticized him.

Paul Ryan’s retirement means Congress is ‘effectively closed for business’

With the retirement of House Speaker Paul Ryan, the likelihood of any major legislative push in Congress before the midterms is effectively dead.

31 celebrities who have publicly supported Donald Trump

From Mike Tyson to Roseanne Barr, many celebrities have shown their support for Donald Trump as the Republican nominee and as president.
Nicolle Wallace, the host of MSNBC's "Deadline: White House"

How Nicolle Wallace went from a top GOP operative to a stranger in her own party

Nicolle Wallace, a former top GOP operative and now an MSNBC host, has become a 'clarion call for decency' in the Trump era, and a voice for disaffected women.
Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton blames the GOP for the deep political divide, but concedes she’d like to ‘take back’ some things she said

Hillary Clinton blamed powerful patrons of the GOP for deepening the country's political divide, but added that she also regrets some of the things she's said.
Arthur Jones, candidate for Illinois' 3rd Congressional district.

A Holocaust denier and former Nazi Party leader just became the Republican nominee for Congress in Chicago

Arthur Jones ran unopposed for the Republican nomination in the heavily Democratic district.