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Politicians often brand teachers as whiners — but most Americans agree that teachers are underpaid and deserve the right to strike

Teacher pay is a point of contention between teachers and their legislators in the US, and teachers have walked out in states like Oklahoma, West Virginia, and Arizona. But a new MSN poll reveals how most Americans really feel about teacher pay.

It’s becoming clearer than ever what the Republican Party’s deal with the devil entails

Opinion: Republicans claim to be motivated by morality. Their acceptance of President Donald Trump's worst behaviors contradicts that claim. The religious right has abandoned its values in supporting Trump.

When French President Emmanuel Macron mentioned climate science, Republicans grumbled while Democrats cheered

French President Emmanuel Macron irked Republicans during his address to a joint meeting of Congress by mentioning climate science and the need to preserve the planet.
The New York Times headquarters.

The New York Times used a full page to print an editorial calling on Republicans to stand up to Trump

The New York Times used a full page to print an editorial on Sunday to call on Republicans to stand up to President Donald Trump.

Republicans are bracing themselves for a coming bloodbath in the midterm elections

Republican donors and lawmakers have come to the conclusion that few GOP candidates are safe in the upcoming 2018 midterm elections.
A flowering marijuana plant is pictured at the Canopy Growth Corporation facility in Smiths Falls, Ontario, Canada, January 4, 2018. Picture taken January 4, 2018.

John Boehner is joining the board of a marijuana company — and an analyst is calling it a ‘monumental event’

Boehner is joining the board of Acreage Holdings, which owns and operates marijuana cultivation facilities in 11 US states.
Wisconsin's Republican Gov. Scott Walker

Republicans are freaking out about a liberal win that could be the start of a ‘blue wave’

Wisconsin's election of a Democrat to its state Supreme Court has Republicans, including Gov. Scott Walker, worried about a "blue wave" this fall.

What is gerrymandering?: The Supreme Court heard oral arguments for 2 cases that could overhaul American elections

The Supreme Court heard arguments on Wednesday for Benisek v. Lamone, a case on gerrymandering in Maryland that could have broad effects on future elections.
Friends reunite in the middle of a flooded intersection as water continues to rise in their neighborhood following Hurricane Harvey on August 30, 2017 in Houston, Texas.

Republican denial of the climate crisis appears to be spreading — despite the recent onslaught of natural disasters

The majority of Republicans think the threat of climate change is "exaggerated," compared to 4% of Democrats, according to a new Gallup poll.
Donald Trump.

‘A horrible day for democracy’: Democrats and Republicans break with Trump over McCabe’s firing and his calls to end the Mueller inv...

Members of Congress from both sides of the aisle criticized President Donald Trump, in varying degrees, for his moves over the weekend.