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Amber Rudd.

Amber Rudd resigns as Home Secretary

Rudd resigned from Cabinet following a series of damaging leaks which placed her record at the Home Office under heavy scrutiny.

WPP CEO Martin Sorrell resigns in the wake of misconduct allegations

WPP CEO Martin Sorrell said Saturday he was resigning, in the wake of an investigation into allegations of improper behavior and misuse of assets.

‘I didn’t feel like fabricating the truth’: An ICE spokesman resigned after accusing the Trump administration of spreading ‘mi...

An ICE spokesman said he resigned after Trump officials made false claims about a California mayor who warned immigrants about an impending arrest operation.
Whatever you do, don't bash your boss. Hope Hicks pictured.

Hope Hicks is leaving the White House — and she made a brilliant tactical choice upon resigning that anyone can emulate

White House communication director Hope Hicks has resigned. By keeping things positive, she was able to leave her job with dignity and grace.
U.S. President Donald Trump confers with White House Communications Director Hope Hicks during an interview with Reuters at the White House in Washington, U.S., January 17, 2018.

Trump releases heartfelt statement after Hope Hicks quits the White House

Trump's parting statement to his long-time communications director shows how much the president enjoyed her company.
Kelly walks with Porter on November 29, 2017.

John Kelly reportedly said he was willing to resign over the Rob Porter scandal

Rumors have been swirling around the fate of John Kelly, the White House chief of staff who found himself at the center of the Rob Porter firestorm.
Sens. Patrick Leahy and Al Franken

Top Democratic Sen. Patrick Leahy says he regrets calling on Al Franken to resign

Democratic Sen. Patrick Leahy told Business Insider that he regrets calling on Sen. Al Franken to resign earlier this month amid sexual misconduct allegations.
Donald Trump with Omarosa Manigault, then the Trump campaign's director of African-American outreach, in September 2016

Former ‘Apprentice’ star Omarosa Manigault was dramatically fired from the White House

Omarosa Manigault, the former "Apprentice" star, was fired from her job as director of communications for the White House's Office of Public Liaison.