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Here's how higher minimum wages have impacted restaurant workers.

The $15 minimum wage was supposed end in a restaurant apocalypse. Here’s how 5 major cities proved the prophets of doom wrong.

So far, five cities that raised minimum wages had little change in employment after the policies went into effect.

NYC’s $15 minimum wage hasn’t brought the restaurant apocalypse — it’s helped them thrive

A new study suggests that increasing pay for restaurant workers, who make up the bulk of low-wage earners, may not harm businesses.

Five Guys franchisees founded a grilled-cheese shop that’s ready to go national — here’s what it’s like

Grilled cheese may be the next fast-casual craze, if this expanding NYC chain can help it. We tried Melt Shop to see if it has what it takes to grow nationally.
A man sits in an All Bar One bar in Fulham.

Shares in the company behind All Bar One are crashing

Mithcells & Butlers reported an 18% fall in profits as the fall in the pound pushed up its costs.

Panera just acquired one of its biggest competitors — here’s why it won the comfort-food battle

Panera Bread just announced it would be acquiring Au Bon Pain. The two chains serve similar menus, but whose is better?

Shares in Franco Manca-owner crash 20% as it warns of ‘sector-wide slowdown’

Fulham Shore put out a profit warning on Wednesday, blaming 'a slowdown in trade, primarily from our restaurants in London suburbs.'

The 20 best chain restaurants in America

American classics like Cracker Barrel and Olive Garden still dominate, but there are some newcomers to our list of the best chain restaurants in the US.

Pizza chain Franco Manca says Brexit is ‘already affecting the availability of skilled European restaurant staff’

The Office for National Statistics estimates that 68,000 EU nationals work in the restaurant sector across the UK.
Anthony Bourdain was known for his irreverent sense of humor, but he also cared deeply about using his platform to shine a light on overlooked communities.

In a 2016 interview, Anthony Bourdain talked travel, cooking with his daughter, and using his fame in a positive way

Anthony Bourdain died on June 8, 2018. Two years ago, we had a chance to discuss his unexpected career path from a low-profile Manhattan chef to famous world traveler. He explained how even though he had a mischievous side, he wanted to use his platform to highlight overlooked communities.