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The 110-foot-long structure is partially submerged in the sea.

The world’s largest underwater restaurant just opened in Norway, and it has a 36-foot window that looks right out into the seabed so guests can ...

An underwater restaurant aptly named "Under" just opened in Norway. It has a panoramic window through which guests can watch marine life swim by.
Des Gunewardena of luxury restaurant group D&D London.

The CEO of an international luxury restaurant group opening a spot in Hudson Yards says diners want 3 main things — and it shows just how much f...

Today's "fine dining" places less emphasis on fanciness and more emphasis on quality, says a restaurateur behind one of Hudson Yards' restaurants.
There is a new app that flags restaurants as "safe" for Donald Trump supporters.

A newly launched app claims it can help Trump supporters find ‘safe’ restaurants to dine in

The app, 63red Safe, was created after Trump administration officials were booted from restaurants. It designates restaurants as "safe" or "unsafe."

As #MeToo takes down alleged sexual harassers at the top levels of power, chain restaurants face fresh scrutiny

At an IHOP in Arizona, one woman claims she was sexually harassed her colleague and management did nothing. The restaurant denies the claims.

Los Angeles is getting a Michelin guide again, 9 years after the guide’s director said people in LA are ‘not real foodies’

Los Angeles is getting a Michelin guide as part of a state-wide California edition, 10 years after the director said people in LA are "not real foodies."

Papa John’s misses on the top and bottom lines

Papa John's is scheduled to report fourth-quarter results after Tuesday's closing bell.

Shake Shack doesn’t expect much same-store sales growth this year

Shake Shack reported quarterly earnings after Monday's closing bell and said it doesn't see much same-store sales growth.
Le Clarence's Pontac dining room.

The world’s 18 best restaurants, dishes, and chefs to know about in 2019

The inaugural World Restaurant Awards named winners across 18 different categories, including "Best Off-Map Destination" and "Best Atmosphere."
London restaurant The Book Club is serving "period pancakes."

A London restaurant is serving ‘period pancakes’ complete with tampon-shaped macarons

The dish is an effort to raise awareness of and funds for period poverty through the charity Big Bloody Brunch.
Applebee's Neighborhood Grill and Bar got its name out of a phone book.

12 things you didn’t know about Applebee’s

Applebee's struggled to attract millennials, but the chain is bouncing back with its late-night appetizers, two-for-20 deals, and $1 margaritas.