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John Schnatter.

Papa John’s is distancing itself from its controversial founder, but he still has a stake worth more than $500 million in the company

Papa John's disgraced founder, John Schnatter, still owns a roughly $510 million stake in the pizza chain. Schnatter resigned as chairman last week after news broke that he had used the N-word in a conference call.

UPS is testing a program that would eliminate the most annoying part of shopping online

UPS is looking to cut down on theft in a serious way with a partnership with Latch. Latch provides secure entry for delivery drivers to deliver packages inside multi-family residences.
Papa John's could have merged with Wendy's, according to a new report.

Papa John’s disgraced founder was reportedly discussing a merger with Wendy’s prior to his resignation after he said the N-word on a confe...

Papa John's founder, John Schnatter, discussed merging the pizza chain with Wendy's, the Wall Street Journal reports. The talks reportedly began before Schnatter resigned as chairman of the board after news broke that he used the n-word in a conference call.
BHLDN is owned by Urban Outfitters.

Gap is following J.Crew in abandoning its bridal business. Here’s where you can buy affordable bridesmaid dresses now.

Weddington Way has closed up shop. On Monday, the Gap-owned retailer sent an email to customers confirming that it has wound down all operations besides its customer-service platform, which will be available for the next month.
Bluestone Lane had a huge menu of coffee, tea, and fresh food.

The billionaire owner of the Miami Dolphins just invested in this coffee chain that’s about to take over the US. Here’s what it’s li...

Bluestone Lane is about to take over the US with the help of billionaire and Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross. The Australian-inspired chain serves coffee, avocado toast, and tons of other millennial-friendly options. See what it's like to eat there.
More than 100 million products were purchased on Prime Day, Amazon said.

These were the top-selling items from Amazon Prime Day around the world

Amazon Prime Day shoppers around the world were stocking up on Instant Pots, PlayStation Memberships, home supplies, and more — see what the top-selling products were on Prime Day around the world.

Amazon and its CEO Jeff Bezos have beat out Walmart to become a symbol for everything wrong with American big business

Amazon has been bombarded by negative press, with calls for boycott flooding social media on Prime Day. As shopping increasingly shifts online, the biggest player in the e-commerce industry is in a prime position to become the biggest villain in American capitalism.
Croc's high-heeled Cyprus shoes are sparking debate.

People are slamming these high-heeled Crocs online, but they’re actually a bright spot in the modern ugly-fashion apocalypse

Croc's high-heeled shoes are sparking debate online as people trash the shoes as ugly. However, high-heeled Crocs aren't another accessory to be mocked — they're the best the ugly fashion movement has to offer.
The LifeStraw is a top seller on Amazon Prime Day.

Amazon reveals the best-selling items from Prime Day as the holiday becomes its biggest shopping day ever

Amazon Prime members still got their shop on for Prime Day despite technical glitches, scooping up items like the Instant Pot and the LifeStraw at deep discounts.

The Amazon-Whole Foods deal has barely made a dent in US grocery prices, despite fears of a price war

Grocery prices have fallen since Amazon's purchase of Whole Foods last year. Prices in the US fell 0.3% in the 12 months ending in June, compared to a 0.6% increase over the same period last year, according to data from Adobe Analytics.