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J.Crew CEO James Brett steps down after just 17 months

J.Crew CEO James (Jim) Brett took the lead at the company in June 2017.

Arlington, Virginia, will soon be home to part of Amazon’s HQ2. Here are some reasons it won the e-commerce giant over.

Amazon has settled on two new homes for its second headquarters, which it calls HQ2. Here's everything Arlington, Virginia, has to offer the company.
Neiman Marcus is offering a $7.1 million yacht.

Here are the most over-the-top gifts on Neiman Marcus’ guide for billionaires

Neiman Marcus released its annual Christmas list for billionaires, and the list is more opulent than ever.
Nike's newest flagship is packed with innovative experiences.

Take a look around Nike’s enormous new flagship store in New York City, complete with the world’s largest for-sale collection of Nike shoe...

Nike's new flagship store the House of Innovation, and it's built to look like the brand is taking customers behind the scenes of its design labs.

The CEO behind IHOP and Applebee’s perfectly illustrates how US restaurants could be one of the biggest winners of Trump’s trade war

Steve Joyce, the CEO behind Applebee's and IHOP, explained how President Trump's trade war is actually a big win for the US restaurant industry.
Juul's flavored pods will no longer be sold in stores.

Flavored Juul pods will no longer be sold in retail stores — but here’s where you can still buy them

Juul announced on Tuesday that it would stop selling its flavored e-cigarettes in stores.
Target just released its own beauty advent calendar.

Target is selling a $20 beauty advent calendar, and you’ll want to gift it to yourself

Target's new beauty advent calendar features 12 makeup and skin-care products from popular brands like Bliss and Maybelline.
Trump often signs government documents with a Sharpie pen.

‘Make it look rich’: Trump told Sharpie to create a custom pen for him to sign important documents

Trump said Sharpie created a personalized black plastic pen for him that has his own signature on it.
President Donald Trump

Trump says Amazon ‘took the best deals’ for HQ2

Trump does not criticize Amazon nor the cities that have lured it for HQ2 in an interview with the Daily Caller.
Macy's and other stores are hiring for seasonal jobs after just one phone interview.

‘It kind of feels like a scam’: Employers are so desperate for workers they’re making job offers after a single phone call

Up against a tight job market, some employers, including Macy's and Bath & Body Works, are making job offers after a single phone interview.