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Tracking your net worth and setting goals are key to achieving early retirement.

Early retirees use an essential tool to build wealth, but obsessing over it can backfire

Saving for early retirement can be done with a simple habit, according to early retirees: Tracking your net worth and setting goals.

7 tips to help make saving for retirement easier, according to a financial planner

By eliminating a few everyday expenses, you’ll see that putting money aside for retirement is simpler than you think. Here, a certified financial planner (CFP) shares tips to make saving for retirement easier.
Early retirees should put some of their time toward giving back to society, according to Vicki Rubin.

A best-selling author who popularized the idea of financial independence 20 years ago says the purpose of retiring early is not to focus on yourself

Early retirees retire early in hopes of living a better life, but they shouldn't be their main focus during early retirement, says Vicki Robin.
Early retirement is full of surprises.

5 people explain how their life unexpectedly changed after retiring early

The reality of early retirement doesn't always match up with the perception — there are some unexpected elements early retirees need to adjust to.
Experiences take precedence over things during early retirement.

Many people who retire early prefer to spend their money the same way

The meaning of money changes for many early retirees — but there's a common trend to how they choose to spend it.
Orville Rogers has $5 million in his retirement fund because he started saving early.

A 100-year-old retired airline pilot with $5 million in the bank used a timeless tip to build his fortune

Orville Rogers is enjoying 40 years of retirement with a nest egg of $5 million because he started saving early.

The same question that can chart a path to early retirement is the one Warren Buffett used to build Berkshire Hathaway into a powerhouse

Inversion is a mental model that involves flipping your outlook to prevent the opposite of what you want to happen from happening. Warren Buffett used it to make Berkshire Hathaway successful and according to productivity expert James Clear, the same strategy can help you achieve early retirement.
Travis Shakespeare produced the documentary Playing with FIRE, about the financial independence and early retirement.

A Hollywood producer spent over a year figuring out why millennials all want to retire early, and the reason should worry the rest of us

Early retirement is picking up steam because younger people are panicking about the future, according to a Hollywood producer who recently filmed a documentary on early retirement. The idea of having control over your life is becoming more attractive.
It's often used to say "well done."

There’s a community of people who retire in their 30s and 40s, and they use an obscene inside joke to congratulate each other

Achieving early retirement is easier said than done, but some prospective early retirees need some motivation to get there — and some of that motivation happens to come in the form of an offensive phrase, according to a Reddit community of early retirees.
Early retirement is full of surprises.

7 things no one tells you about early retirement

Early retirement can be a bit of a mystery — how does one achieve and maintain such a lifestyle? No one tells you that early retirement may incite criticism from friends and family, or that it doesn't take as much money to be comfortable as you may think.