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Singapore has one of the 10 best retirement schemes globally, and is the best in Asia: Mercer

Singapore was also the only Asian country to receive a B grade.

It could take up to 6 years for all the money in your office retirement account to actually be yours

Every 401(k) plan has a vesting schedule, which tells the employee how much of the employer's contributions they own at any given point.

Study ranks Singapore’s CPF top in Asia, but suggests it could be improved by raising withdrawal age

The age for CPF withdrawals should be increased to improve on Singapore's pension system, said Mercer.

Americans are saving more than ever — but they’re not doing as well as they think

Though it seems like a good nest egg, a low six-figure sum won't do the trick for most.

The key to retiring a millionaire may depend on maintaining a habit that is easier said than done

If you succumb to lifestyle inflation today, you may have to sacrifice when you get to retirement.

A personal finance writer explains what too many people get wrong about retirement

Emily Guy Birken says we can't rely on the same leisurely retirement our parents and grandparents enjoyed.

Top financial adviser: ‘The notion of retirement is gone’ — and that’s a good thing

Technology is helping us live longer and that means we'll need to work longer.

Wall Street is witnessing a ‘third wave of computerization’

John Hancock Financial, a provider of life insurance and retirement services, has partnered with fintech NextCapital to roll out a new roboadviser platform.

Most Americans want to prepare for retirement but are clueless about what they need to do

Among the reasons for the crisis is ignorance about retirement planning