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Many Gen Xers who expect to retire before age 75 are behind on their retirement savings.

A wealth manager says Gen Xers should focus on a 2-part strategy to retire on time

Wealth manager Megan Gorman recommends Gen Xers who are falling behind save in a retirement plan and contribute to a health savings account.
Retirees often need to cover dental services on their own.

4 healthcare costs in retirement no one warns you about

Healthcare in retirement can be overwhelming. A few big out-of-pocket costs include vision, hearing, dental services, and prescriptions.
Deciding when to take Social Security depends on several factors.

Here’s exactly how much more money you get each year you delay taking Social Security

If you take Social Security after your full retirement age of 66 or 67, your monthly benefit will increase by up to 8% each year until age 70.
Retirement-age Americans are feeling healthier than ever.

Millions of Americans are working past 65, and it’s not because they can’t afford to retire

More retirement-age Americans, mostly baby boomers, are working today than ever before, but it's not because they need the money.
Focusing on a few specific areas can make post-retirement life that much easier.

7 ways to make your post-retirement life easier if you want to quit your job in 10 years

As you approach retirement, consider maxing out retirement accounts, paying off high-interest debt, and exploring healthcare options.
It's never too early to start your retirement savings.

Here’s how much more money you’d have for retirement if you saved $100 a month starting at 25 instead of 35

If two people save $100 a month for retirement, but one starts at 25 and the other at 35, the early saver will have nearly twice as much by age 65.
No matter a person's income, 15% of their Social Security benefit is tax-free.

The government can tax up to 85% of your Social Security. Here’s how to find out exactly how much

Up to 85% of Social Security benefits are taxed, but how much depends on the person's total earnings. Here's how to calculate the tax.
Gen Xers may find themselves playing catch up in order to retire.

Forget millennials — the real financial time bomb in America is Gen X

According to an INSIDER and Morning Consult survey, almost half of Gen X respondents, defined as ages 38 to 53, don't have retirement savings.
You can check your Social Security benefits online at any time.

Millions of Americans are ignoring an important tool for retirement planning that only takes seconds to find

Anyone can create a free My Social Security account to find out exactly what their monthly benefit will be when they retire.
Most people can't avoid taxes in retirement.

3 major expenses no one can avoid in retirement

Retirement isn't much cheaper than your working years. Healthcare costs spike in retirement and taxes on some retirement income is inevitable.