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Here are the ages you financially peak at everything throughout life — from salary to net worth

Your retirement account is most likely to hit $1 million around age 59.

An Obama-era rule that could reshape the massive retirement savings industry may be heading to the Supreme Court

The fiduciary rule, which requires investment advisers to give clients the best advice for retirement, could go in front of the Supreme Court.
Ask for a raise — or change jobs.

8 things you can do today to be richer in 2018

Finding cheaper housing can help you save more with little effort, as can buying a rental property.
Women become millionaires at a younger age than men do.

This is the age when most people become millionaires

It's easier to reach millionaire status if you have a high-paying job, but that's not the only way.
President Donald Trump and Rep. Kevin Brady

House GOP bows to Trump’s demands for now, propose no changes to 401(k)s or retirement savings in tax bill

There were no substantial changes to 401(k)s and retirement accounts in the GOP tax bill, despite rumors there would be.

The rocky start for the Republican tax reform bill is a troubling sign of things to come

The 24-hour delay of the House GOP tax bill's release is not only a bad sign for the overhaul's timeline, but the viability of the whole endeavor.
President Donald Trump and Rep. Kevin Brady

Republicans are considering changes to try and let Americans save more for retirement

Rep. Kevin Brady said the annual 401(k) cap could be increased to $20,000 from $18,000. The news comes a week after reports the cap would be lowered to $2,400.
Donald Trump and Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan jokes that he’s not worried about Trump attacking the GOP tax plan because ‘he’s going to be in Asia’

Paul Ryan joked that President Donald Trump can't attack any parts of the soon-to-be-released GOP tax bill because he'll be on a 12-day trip to Asia.
Most people don't even get close to maxing out their retirement savings.

Shockingly few Americans are putting money in a 401k

Two-thirds of Americans aren't putting any money in a 401(k) plan right now.
U.S. President Donald Trump

Trump contradicts his own tweet, says 401(k)s could now be up for negotiation

Trump said that Republicans could use 401(k) and retirement savings changes for "negotiating" the tax plan, after tweeting there will be no changes on Monday.