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7 of the smartest pieces of advice about saving money from early retirees in 2018

We rounded up some of the best saving tips early retirees shared in 2018. Their wisdom doesn't just apply to other hopeful early retirees.
Retirees care most about happiness and housing affordability, according to US News.

The 19 best places to retire in America where you can buy a house for under $250,000

A few of the best places to live affordably during retirement are in Pennsylvania and Florida, according to US News' latest retirement ranking.
Tracking your net worth and setting goals are key to achieving early retirement.

Early retirees use an essential tool to build wealth, but obsessing over it can backfire

Saving for early retirement can be done with a simple habit, according to early retirees: Tracking your net worth and setting goals.

Retirement options get boost from Singapore Savings Bonds

The maximum amount an individual can hold will be raised to S$200,000 from current S$100,000.
The University of Texas at Dallas.

An 84-year-old who didn’t want to spend her retirement playing bingo is about to graduate from college

Janet Fein took advantage of a program in Texas that allows people ages 65 and older to take six free college credits at public universities.

BlackRock and Microsoft want to make retirement investing as easy as ordering an Uber

The tech and finance partners plan to launch a product for companies to offer next year.
Retirement is looking a little more glamorous these days.

Rich retirees are paying over $1 million to move into luxury communities that operate like ‘five-star resorts’ with award-winning chefs, w...

These aren't retirement communities for the average American. Entrance fees can range from $100,000 to $1 million, plus monthly fees in the thousands.
The Saver's Credit gives eligible taxpayers saving for retirement a tax break.

You may be able to cut down your tax bill with a little-known credit if you saved for retirement this year

The Saver's Credit enables low- to moderate-income taxpayers saving for retirement to reduce their tax bill by up to $2,000.

7 tips to help make saving for retirement easier, according to a financial planner

By eliminating a few everyday expenses, you’ll see that putting money aside for retirement is simpler than you think. Here, a certified financial planner (CFP) shares tips to make saving for retirement easier.
Early retirement is full of surprises.

5 people explain how their life unexpectedly changed after retiring early

The reality of early retirement doesn't always match up with the perception — there are some unexpected elements early retirees need to adjust to.