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ACKMAN: ‘If Carl sells, it can accelerate the demise of the company’

Carl Icahn has explored selling his stake in Herbalife to investors via Jefferies.

At least 247 reported killed after strong earthquake hits central Italy

A 6.2 magnitude earthquake in central Italy today has killed at least 38 people.

Cisco expected to announce its biggest layoff in history this week

San Jose, California-based Cisco is expected to announce the cuts within the next few weeks.

The US reportedly helped Brazil track down and capture 11 suspected ISIS militants

"Are they amateurs?" a Brazilian prosecutor asked in an interview. "Yes, but I don't know of any experienced suicide bombers."

Dallas Police Department completes search after reports of a new threat

The department said it would not immediately confirm or deny whether its headquarters was under lockdown.

There’s a bidding war brewing for a $10 billion drugmaker

Medivation is opening its books to Sanofi after the French drug company sweetened its acquisition offer.

George Osborne’s corporation tax cut plan could turn Britain into a ‘tax haven’

The Chancellor floated the idea of the 5% tax cut in an interview with the Financial Times. But the OECD says the risks of a cut outweigh potential benefits.

American use of one of the most dangerous illegal drugs is reaching ‘epidemic’ levels

"Heroin continues to be the drug that kills the most people and this resurgence must be addressed urgently," a UN official said.

The latest Brexit poll is showing a 6-point swing back to the Remain campaign

The Survation poll for the Mail on Sunday newspaper put support for "In" at 45% ahead of "Out" on 42%.