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Brad Pitt commands your attention for nearly two hours in a space drama where Roy McBride goes in search of his father and himself.

Brad Pitt gives one of his best performances as a lonely, James Bond-like astronaut in ‘Ad Astra’

20th Century Fox’s space epic stars the actor as Roy McBride, who's on a secret mission to save the world and his father.
White Claw is selling out in some parts of the country. But how does one of its biggest competitors stack up?

We compared leading hard seltzer brands White Claw and Truly — and the winner was clear

Business Insider tested White Claw and competitor Truly to compare the two leading brands. In the end we couldn't deny that Claw is the law.
McDonald's spicy BBQ chicken sandwich should have stayed in the test kitchen where it belongs.

McDonald’s new spicy chicken sandwich is a wimpy response to Popeyes’ chicken sandwich triumph

I tried McDonald's new spicy BBQ chicken sandwich and tenders, and both were giant steps in the wrong direction.
Lili Reinhart, JLo, Keke Palmer, and Constance Wu play strippers in "Hustlers."

Jennifer Lopez and Constance Wu shine as strippers-turned-con artists in ‘Hustlers’

The film, which is inspired by the antics of real-life striptease artists profiled in a 2015 article, is funny, heartfelt, and drama-filled.
I went to an urban sweat lodge in Brooklyn to see what the sweating trend was like.

I spent 55 minutes in a boiling hot infrared heat bed watching TV at an ‘urban sweat lodge.’ I almost didn’t make it through.

I went to an urban sweat lodge in Brooklyn, New York to spend 55 minutes sweating in an infrared heat bed, but it was a lot harder than I expected.

I reviewed Amazon’s new waterproof Kindle Paperwhite to see if the upgrade is worth it — and I’d recommend it to anyone

We reviewed Amazon's new waterproof Kindle Paperwhite to see if the upgrade is worth it. We break down all the Kindle Paperwhite's specs and features.
King's novel served as the inspiration for both films.

‘It Chapter Two’ is a horrifying but ultimately hollow film that’s a far cry from the 2017 movie

Jessica Chastain, Bill Hader, and James McAvoy star in the film, which takes place a few decades after the 2017 movie.
"It: Chapter Two"

‘It: Chapter Two’ manages to entertain for nearly 3 hours and will be a huge box-office hit, but can feel too familiar

"It: Chapter Two" captures the fun and terror of its predecessor, sometimes to a fault. But it's an overall entertaining horror blockbuster.
You've had a good run, chicken Po' Boy, but Popeyes' new fried chicken sandwich reigns supreme.

We compared Popeyes’ discontinued chicken Po’ Boy to its new fried chicken sandwich, and we can see why the new sandwich became such a mas...

You've had a good run, Po' Boy, but Popeyes' new fried chicken sandwich is the new shining star on the fast-food chain's menu.
Peloton's bike allows you to stream classes live from home.

Peloton, the buzzy exercise-bike startup that’s been dubbed the ‘Apple of fitness’ has filed for an IPO. Here’s how it compare...

SoulCycle and Peloton both offer indoor cycling classes with a cult following. But who does it better?