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"The Mandalorian."

‘The Mandalorian’ episode 2 reveals how different the Disney Plus show is from the ‘Star Wars’ movies

It turns out "The Mandalorian" isn't as hard-edged as the "Star Wars" stories we watch at movie theaters.
The ToneWoodAmp attaches to the back of the guitar using magnets.

The ToneWoodAmp is the best $250 a guitarist can spend — here’s why

The ToneWoodAmp cost $250 and can take acoustic guitar playing to a new level of enjoyment.
"Frozen II."

‘Frozen II’ is a worthy sequel with breathtaking animation and a song as catchy as ‘Let It Go’

The sequel to one of Disney's most successful movies lives up to the hype and doubles down on encouraging individuality.

Microsoft’s latest 15-inch Surface Pro 3 laptop is a masterpiece for people who like big screens and are willing to pay more for a cutting-edge ...

The Microsoft 15-inch Surface Pro 3 gives you a big screen with the lightweight and slim vibe of a 13-inch laptop.
Before she was a Duchess, Markle was a foodie.

I ate one of Meghan Markle’s favorite foods from Toronto. It lived up to the hype, but the restaurant that serves it was just OK.

The food at Terroni was good and the prices were surprisingly affordable, but the service was disappointing.
The $39 Back Support Cushion from Purple is specifically designed to provide lumbar support.

I sit on the Purple seat cushion while I work — it helps improve my posture and makes sitting much more comfortable

My Purple seat cushion has made sitting through the workday a much more pleasant exercise, and thanks to its effect on my posture, it's also improved my time spent standing up.
Porter Airlines uses propeller planes.

I flew Porter Airlines, one of the best-rated airlines in North America that few people have heard of, and it was one of the best flying experiences I...

Regardless of ticket type, all travelers get complimentary snacks and beverages during the flight — that includes wine or beer!
I decided to make three of my favorite ground beef recipes using Impossible burger grounds.

I’m a beef eater, but after cooking three beef recipes with Impossible ‘meat’ I’m a convert for life

My three ground-beef meals with the Impossible Burger tasted so good that I'm never going back to ground beef.
Irene's face upon entering Wegmans for the first time.

I just went to Wegmans for the first time, and now I see why the grocery chain has such a massive cult following

I went to a Wegmans for the first time ever, and I felt like a kid in a candy store — and not just because of all the candy.
Cynthia Erivo in "Harriet."

The reviews for ‘Harriet’ are in — and critics say Cynthia Erivo does the abolitionist justice while the rest of the movie doesnR...

Reviews for "Harriet" say that Cynthia Erivo is fantastic playing Harriet Tubman, even if the rest of the movie seems rote.