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I downloaded a $50 organization app to see if it could help me get my life in order — here’s the verdict

Things 3, from the Germany-based software startup Cultured Code, is a 2017 Apple Design award-winning app.
The Farmer's Dog customers can see whole ingredients like parsnips, chickpeas, broccoli, spinach, and carrots in every bag.

I tested The Farmer’s Dog, a meal plan service that sends your dog fresh food for as little as $3 a day — here’s what it’s lik...

The Farmer's Dog offers real food for dogs, delivered fresh to your door. Each package is customized to your dog’s individual profile and pre-portioned in easy pour bags. While it’s significantly more expensive that regular kibble, the health benefits are worth the cost.

These are the top 10 games for your new PlayStation 4, according to critics

So, you just got a PlayStation 4 after years of holding off. Where to begin?! How about right here!

These linen sheets are undoubtedly expensive, but their superior comfort and breathability won me over

Cultiver's luxuriously soft, comfortable linen sheets and duvet cover sheets are pricey, but seriously elevate the look of your bed.

I installed this $160 smart lock on my front door, and now letting in our Airbnb guests is a snap

If you have regular houseguests, then a smart lock is a must. There are many options, but the Schlage Connect is a great place to start.
The Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 is one of the best laptops you can buy.

Microsoft’s new Surface Laptop 2 is one of the best you can buy today — and it’s a cheaper alternative to Apple’s MacBook

The new Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 starts at $999, an undeniably high price. I tested out the computer and think the new specs make it worth the cost.
"Outlaw King" had so much potential, but it's a little dull.

Netflix’s ‘Outlaw King’ isn’t terrible, but the only memorable thing about it is Chris Pine’s breezy full-frontal scene

Netflix's latest original movie, which stars the "Wonder Woman" actor, is a bit of a bore, especially considering all of the talent involved.

I tried Casper’s $35 pillow that’s designed to help you sleep anywhere— here’s what it’s like

The concept for Casper's latest pillow was much better than the execution.

I tried Daily Harvest’s new plant-based holiday cookies to see how they stack up to the real deal

Daily Harvest's holiday cookies are only available from November 9, 2018, through the end of the year, and may just make the perfect under-$50 gift.

My first impressions of the new iPad Pro: I can’t believe how much money I spent on this thing

Apple’s redesigned iPad Pro is really nice. It’s also really expensive.