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Authorities responded to reports of a shooting at an apartment complex in Westerly, Rhode Island, on Thursday.

One victim was killed and 2 others shot at a senior apartment complex in Westerly, Rhode Island, police say

All three victims were women, but it's still unclear whether there was any connection between them and the suspect, police said.
Marques Brownlee.

The world’s most popular tech reviewer just poured cold water on the 5G hype parade, saying it’s not worth your money yet

Tech companies want you to buy their 5G-enabled phones. But with such limited availability for 5G, Marques "MKBHD" Brownlee decided to investigate.

Uber is pulling its Jump bikes from Providence, Rhode Island, amid reports of misuse and vandalism

Local police are investigating some of the incidents citing reports that the e-bikes have been used during criminal activity.
Cory and Jennifer outside of their home.

A couple bought the house that inspired ‘The Conjuring’ — and surprise, it’s haunted

Cory Heinzen, one of the new homeowners, told INSIDER that he and his wife, Jennifer, knew the house's history when they purchased it in June.
Students will not be limited to cold sandwiches.

A Rhode Island school district has changed its lunch policy following national backlash after it said students who owed money would only be served jel...

Previously, the district stated that students who owe money for paid, free, or reduced-price lunches will be served "sun butter and jelly" sandwiches.
Students will be offered a "sun butter and jelly" sandwich for lunch if they owe money.

Students who owe lunch money at a school in Rhode Island will only be served ‘sun butter and jelly’ sandwiches

Parents aren't thrilled with a Warwick School District policy that mandates serving "sun butter and jelly" sandwiches to those who owe lunch money.
A student carries her lunch tray at Salusbury Primary School in northwest London June 11, 2014. This September, a new government scheme plans to give free meals to all reception, year 1 and 2 students registered in England's state-funded schools. Local media reports that this will amount to saving families about ?400 a year per child.

A school in Rhode Island hired a collection agency to recoup lunch debts, and this isn’t the first time it’s happened

Cranston School District told parents in a letter that they were hiring a collections agency to address debts owed for school lunches.
A male wild turkey in Florida in 2007.

A brazen turkey is causing havoc in Rhode Island by blocking traffic, chasing people, and stopping them paying taxes

A wild turkey has evaded capture in Johnston, Rhode Island for six months. It has trapped people in their cars and blocked the entrances to buildings.

Jay Leno reportedly just bought a $13.5 million mansion in Rhode Island — and it looks like it was built for French royalty

Jay Leno's new nine-acre property features a pool, tennis court, gardens, terraces, and a six-car garage

Rhode Island Governor raises $170,000 to pay for DACA renewal fees in her state

"Now is the time to fight for our values and take action against hatred and bigotry."