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AirAsia says queues at ‘flawed’ klia2 can last for more than one hour – and the situation is ‘worsening’

Long queues that span over an hour are now a daily occurrence, AirAsia said.

A reluctant AirAsia says it will collect full airport tax from Aug 9 ‘under strong protest’

"We will collect the full RM73 PSC but we do so under strong protest."

AirAsia counter-sues Malaysia Airports for RM400 million

AirAsia also criticised MAHB for being heavy-handed in filing the suit.

AirAsia refuses to collect extra airport tax from passengers at KLIA2, which has ‘far lower levels of service’

Riad Asmat also said AirAsia had raised issues with "substandard infrastructure and access at klia2 which has negatively impacted our operational performance and punctuality".