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Richard Nixon was sworn in as president 50 years ago today

Nixon, mounting a law-and-order campaign at a time of social and political upheaval, won the presidency by a comfortable margin in the 1968 election.
TV image of President Richard M. Nixon announcing his resignation in speech from the Oval Office.

‘It’s history repeating itself’: Experts say the Trump-Cohen situation is reminiscent of Nixon era

"The first article of impeachment against Nixon was just this: obstruction by directing others to lie. This is not hysteria ... It's history."
Nick Akerman, a former assistant special prosecutor during the Watergate scandal.

Watergate prosecutor says Trump’s ‘poor me’ tweet on Christmas Eve echoed Nixon’s last days as president

Nick Akerman said Richard Nixon "really kept to himself" in the final days before his resignation from the White House amid the Watergate scandal.
President Donald Trump and Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell

Trump blames the Federal Reserve for GM’s layoffs

President Donald Trump renewed his attacks on the Federal Reserve and Chairman Jerome Powell, blaming them for stock-market wobbles and GM's layoffs.
US Attorney General Jeff Sessions and FBI Director Christopher Wray (L) appear at a news conference on the arrest of suspect Cesar Sayoc on charges of sending at least a dozen parcel bombs to Democratic politicians and high-profile critics of President Trump, at the Justice Department in Washington, US, October 26, 2018.

Richard Nixon’s White House counsel says Jeff Sessions’ ousting ‘like a planned murder’

Richard Nixon's former White House counsel said Jeff Sessions' ousting seemed like a planned "murder."

Step aboard the SAM 26000 — the first jet-powered aircraft ever built for the president of the United States

The SAM 26000 arrived in 1962 and would go on to carry eight presidents, numerous dignitaries, and countless diplomats during its 36 years in service.
President Donald Trump and Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell

Trump fired a new warning shot at the Fed over rising interest rates

President Donald Trump accused Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell of taking pleasure in raising interest rates. Trump, who wants the Fed to keep interest rates low, has repeatedly broken with longstanding traditions in presidential politics by openly criticizing the Federal Reserve.

Trump keeps bashing the Fed, calling the central bank ‘loco’ and ‘crazy.’ An ugly economic lesson from the Nixon administratio...

President Donald Trump has launched a series of attacks against the Federal Reserve and Chairman Jerome Powell over the past two days, calling the Fed's rate hikes "crazy" and "loco." The attacks raise the specter of a similar mistake raised by former President Richard Nixon.
Investigative journalist Carl Bernstein.

Legendary Watergate reporter Carl Bernstein fires back at Trump after the president calls him a ‘degenerate fool’ over a disputed CNN stor...

President Donald Trump attacked the legendary Watergate reporter Carl Bernstein on Wednesday evening for a story he reported on last month about a 2016 meeting at Trump Tower involving senior officials on Trump's campaign and a Russian lawyer.

The White House may strip 9 former officials of their security clearances, and it’s reminding people of Nixon’s infamous ‘Enemies Li...

The White House announced the revocation of former CIA Director John Brennan's security clearance last week, and said it may strip nine other former officials of their clearances. It's reminding people of Richard Nixon's infamous "Opponents List" identifying Nixon's political enemies.