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One woman lost her anniversary ring in the toilet.

A woman found her diamond ring in the sewer after accidentally flushing it down the toilet 9 years earlier

Paula Stanton accidentally flushed her 20th-anniversary diamond ring down the toilet. Nine years later, someone found it in the sewer.
Choosing the perfect engagement ring is no easy task.

A bespoke jeweller says there’s a good reason why you shouldn’t choose a white gold engagement ring

White gold is a popular choice when it comes to engagement rings, but according to a bespoke jeweller, opting for the metal may be a mistake.

Federal judge: Costco must pay more than $19 million for selling fake ‘Tiffany’ rings

A federal judge ruled that Costco owed the jewelry company Tiffany & Co. $19.4 million after misleading customers by marketing its rings as "Tiffany" rings.

The trailer for the new ‘The Ring’ sequel will haunt your dreams

The creepy girl from the well in "The Ring" is back in the new sequel "Rings," and it has a trailer that will terrify you.