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A mock-up of a XRP coin, which is closely linked to Ripple.

Crypto company Ripple is giving $50 million to universities including Princeton, MIT, and UCL for blockchain research

Universities involved in the project will be able to apply to Ripple's University Blockchain Research Initiative fund for cash. Some of the $50 million has already been allocated.

Cryptocurrencies are getting slammed after a raid at South Korea’s largest exchange

South Korean news editor Yonhap said prosecutors raided the country's biggest cryptocurrency exchange, Upbit, on Thursday and Friday on suspicion of fraud.
Matthew Mellon, centre, at a Dom Perignon party in Miami in 2015.

Billionaire banking heir and cryptocurrency investor Matthew Mellon dies at 54

Mellon is a descendant of the founder of Mellon Bank and investment bank Drexel-Burnham-Lambert.

CRYPTO INSIDER: Another Wall Street veteran has left for crypto

Credit Suisse has lost a star trader to crypto exchange Kraken.

CRYPTO INSIDER: Bitcoin is more like the flu than you think

Barclays found "clear parallels" between a theoretical model of a speculative asset and the crypto craze.

CRYPTO INSIDER: India and Pakistan are cracking down on cryptocurrencies

Both countries separately issued stark warnings for banks against cryptocurrencies.

CRYPTO INSIDER: George Soros wants to trade crypto

The billionaire investment manager reportedly wants to begin trading cryptocurrencies at his $26 billion firm.

CRYPTO INSIDER: The $25 billion reason bitcoin could stop plunging this month

Bitcoin investors owe an estimated $25 billion in US taxes, according to Tom Lee, the cofounder of Fundstrat.

CRYPTO INSIDER: Mining ethereum is about to get a lot cheaper

Bitmain's new ethereum rig is the first of its kind, is 2.5x more powerful, and costs just $800. RBC says it could cut into Nvidia's profits.

CRYPTO INSIDER: JPMorgan’s head of blockchain departs

Amber Baldet is leaving the bank to start her own venture, the firm said Monday.