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A trader holds his head as he reads a note on the derivative market at the Paris stock exchange, October 28. The French blue-chip share index fell by more than 9 percent which is the second biggest one-day fall since 1987 Black Monday.

SHILLER: Most people got the cause of Black Monday’s stock market crash wrong

Shiller's research into the cause of the stock market's crash contradicted many other accounts.

ROBERT SHILLER: Stocks look just like they did right before the 13 most recent bear markets

Stocks look dangerously close to a bear market, but that doesn't mean it's time to sell everything.

ROBERT SHILLER: Bitcoin is the ‘best example right now’ of a bubble

Bitcoin is up over 400% since Shiller said in 2014 that it was in a bubble.

ROBERT SHILLER: ‘This market is way overpriced’

Shiller told Bloomberg that investors are too focused on the upside on Trump's agenda, but not the downside.

A Nobel prize winning economist nails why Trump supporters reject the thing that will help them most

Meet the anti-redistribution coalition. They've been around for a while.

This is the chart that has Robert Shiller seriously worried about the stock market

Investors don't believe in the market, but they're buying stocks anyway.