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Most traditional investing advice fails to take women’s pay gaps and longer lifespans into account — Ellevest is changing that

Robo-advisor Ellevest is changing the conception of investing as a boys' club by taking gender differences like pay gaps and lifespans into account when creating investment portfolios.
Betterment made investing easier for the author.

I tried Betterment, the robo-advisor that made it easy to save money and build wealth

I recently tried using Betterment, one of the more popular robo-advisors out there.

Investing is one of the best ways to grow your money, and you don’t need $1,000 to start

Betterment and Wealthfront are robo-advisors, online financial advisors that use complex computer algorithms to create your investment portfolio.
Betterment CEO Jon Stein.

HSBC just set out how hard it is for robo-advisers to break even and says a wave of consolidation is inevitable

The bank said in a recent report that it estimates a robo-adviser needs assets of $11.3 billion to $21.5 billion to break even.
Wealthfront cofounders Andy Rachleff and Dan Carroll.

Robo Wealthfront is launching a high-yield savings account as it looks to manage more millennial cash

Robo-advisor Wealthfront is rolling out a high-yield cash account, pushing deeper into the core services of banking.
Brandon Krieg, co-founder and CEO of Stash

Millennial investing app Stash just rolled out a new feature that’s strikingly similar to its $860 million rival Acorns

The company announced Thursday that it has unveiled a number of new features for its users, including round-ups — which lets customers invest spare change— and cash back for purchases made at certain retailers.
Wealthfront cofounders Andy Rachleff and Dan Carroll

Wealthfront, the second biggest robo-adviser, just settled with regulators over misleading clients

The SEC settled with two robo advisers over charges that they misled consumers.
Betterment CEO Jon Stein.

Betterment is partnering with a company backed by Shaq to help gig economy workers manage their finances

The emergence of companies like Uber, Lyft, and Instacart has brought about the rise of the gig economy — short term workers who do everything from drive taxis to shop for your groceries.

Islamic robo-adviser to expand in Gulf, Southeast Asia by 2019

Islamic financial products follow religious principles such as bans on investing in gambling and tobacco, in much the same way as socially responsible funds.

Robots could replace as many as 10,000 jobs at Citi’s investment bank

"We’ve got 20,000 operational roles. Over the next five years could you make it 10,000?" Jamie Forese, the president of Citi and chief executive of the bank's institutional clients group, told the Financial Times in an interview.