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Front elevation of cabin with large window.

This 100-square-foot tiny cabin was designed by Cornell professors using reject trees, 3D printers, and a robot arm they found on eBay

The design uses ash trees infected with an invasive beetle species that are not suitable for sawmills.
Spot robot with Rocos.

Boston Dynamics’ robot dog has a new job herding sheep in New Zealand — here’s how it works

Recently, the robot has also been used to enforce social distancing in Singapore, and to screen COVID-19 pateints at a Boston hospital.
Robotic basketball hoop.

This robotic basketball hoop guarantees a basket every time — here’s how it works

Shan Wighton wrote programs allowing the hoop to track the ball and move the backboard to get the ball in the basket.
Hospitals and healthcare workers are suffering from a shortage of protective equipment.

How people are using 3D printing to fight equipment shortages, from tech companies to a high school robotics team making 400 face masks a day

3D-printing technology offers novel ways for organizations outside of medicine to help fight the coronavirus.
Passers-by in Times Square interact with a Promobot robot that informs the public about the symptoms of coronavirus and how to prevent it from spreading, in this still frame obtained from video, in New York City

The company behind the robot kicked out of a New York park has a new version that it says can screen people for COVID-19

A new robot may be able to take visitors' temperatures and screen people for coronavirus symptoms before they enter a building.

From barely walking to gymnastics routines: 10 years of Boston Dynamics robots’ terrifying progress is an eye-opening look at a robot-dominated ...

In 2009, robots developed by Boston Dynamics were barely able to walk. In 2019, they were doing somersaults.

This robot wanders New York City informing people about coronavirus, but it’s already been banned from one park

The robot reportedly surveyed 300 people, and no one showed symptoms of COVID-19. So far it has been seen around Times Square and Bryant Park.
Marty the robot hangs out in Giant Food Stores.

From robotic shop assistants to AR, these 10 pieces of tech could change shopping forever

We took a look at 10 of the biggest tech developments in retail that could make shopping faster, easier, and more personalized.
The "Woven City" will be populated by 2,000 Toyota employees and their families, retired couples, retailers, and scientists to start.

Toyota is building a 175-acre smart city in Japan where residents will test out tech like AI, robotics, and smart homes. Here’s what the ‘...

To start, the city will have a population of 2,000 Toyota employees, their families, retired couples, retailers, and scientists.