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Boston Dynamics's newly acquired "Pick" system in action.

Boston Dynamics bought a 3D vision startup to help make its warehouse robots a reality

The acquisition signals a shift towards commercialisation for Boston Dynamics, which historically has been heavily focused on research.
SPIKE Prime is a LEGO Education toolkit that's designed to teach middle school students how to code.

This new Lego kit will help teach kids the basics of programming — and give them skills they can use in their future careers

Lego Education launched SPIKE Prime, a toolkit to teach middle school students how to code. Here's how Lego worked to make it inclusive for young girls.
Last year, the original Cue robot beat two Japanese professionals in a free throw shooting contest.

This basketball-shooting robot is more accurate than Steph Curry from 3-point range

Toyota's Cue 3 robot is 6-foot-10-inch and a bona fide sharpshooter, but it's not game-ready just yet.
Handle in action.

Boston Dynamics built a robot that makes Amazon’s warehouse bots look primitive

The US engineering and robotics firm Boston Dynamics posted a video Thursday of its latest autonomous robot for use in warehouses.
Boston Dynamics' robot dog, SpotMini.

Google is revitalizing its robotics division, according to report, but this time it will focus on AI-software instead of human-like mobility

Google's new effort — known as Robotics at Google — is led by Vincent Vanhoucke, who served as a key player in the company's artificial intelligence project, Google Brain.
Auris makes a product called Monarch, a controller operated robotic camera that gives doctors a view inside the body to help with lung cancer diagnosis.

Johnson & Johnson is buying a Silicon Valley surgical-robotics startup for $3.4 billion

J&J is bulking up on its surgical-robotics presence with the $3.4 billion deal for Auris Health.

The Russian army has a cool new robot tank, but there’s a really good chance it doesn’t work

The Uran-9 reconnaissance and fire-support vehicle — a robot tank that performed disastrously in trials — has entered service with Russia's military.

The market for tech products for aging baby boomers is expected to balloon to $20 billion by 2020. Here are some of the best

The market for tech products for aging baby boomers is expected to grow to $20 billion by 2020, but youth-obsessed Silicon Valley is slow to adapt.
Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos

Astronauts can attend Amazon’s new cutting-edge tech conference for free

Amazon is introducing a new artificial intelligence, robotics and space event called re:MARS. It's inspired by an exclusive event hosted by Jeff Bezos.
Foldimate's laundry-folding robot was the best smart-home device we saw at CES 2019.

The best smart-home device we saw at CES 2019

Everyone hates folding laundry.