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In one shot, the drone subtly tilts to the side to avoid the ball in real time, while another experiment later in the video shows it zipping upward so that the ball can pass underneath it.

Watch this self-piloting drone effortlessly dodge a soccer ball being thrown at it in real time

Drones have been good at dodging stationary objects for quite some time, but researchers are helping them get better at ducking moving obstacles.
A simple pair of googly eyes can convince people to donate more money.

A pair of googly eyes could radically change how people spend their money

A simple pair of googly eyes could convince people to donate more money, according to at least one study.
An Amazon warehouse worker.

Amazon robotics boss says picking a ripe banana shows why robots won’t replace warehouse workers in the next decade

Amazon exec Scott Anderson said the company is at least 10 years away from fully automating the picking and packing process in its warehouses.

3 in 10 Malaysians believe that robots might take over their jobs in future, and the young are among the most fearful

The survey also found that 69 per cent of respondents believe that the emergence of robots would eventually lead to loss of jobs in the economy.

These are the industries most likely to be taken over by robots

Bridgewater Associates recently highlighted a 2016 study by McKinsey & Company that analyzed what industries are most susceptible to automation.
How many robot dogs does it take to pull a massive truck? 10, apparently.

Watch 10 Boston Dynamics’ robot dogs pull a truck in a slightly terrifying display of raw power

Don't get too worried — these little guys aren't coming to pull your house away anytime soon.
A Bossa Nova robot poses for selfies in a Walmart store.

A small robotics company created a device retailers were clamoring for, and now Walmart is putting it in 350 stores

Bossa Nova Robotics solved a major problem for retailers. Now, Walmart is putting its robots in stores.

Walmart is assembling an army of thousands of robots that it’s putting to work in its stores

Walmart is bringing thousands of new robots into its stores across the US.