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Roger Federer was so nervous the first time he went to Wimbledon he asked the umpire an embarrassing question he later regretted

A young, nervous, and inexperienced Roger Federer made a Wimbledon umpire check the height of the net when he first appeared at the competition he went on to win a record eight times, when he was just 16 years old. Federer said he remembers thinking the net was too high.
Roger Federer.

Someone made a hilarious meme of Roger Federer on Twitter — and it was so good that the tennis star replied

Roger Federer, the 20-time Grand Slam champion, has won it all when it comes to tennis and gained a lot of fans in the process. One recently made a bizarre collage of him on Twitter, and it was so good that Federer replied.
Roger Federer.

Roger Federer and Nike are locked in a battle over the ‘RF’ brand — but a legal expert believes it’s a fight Nike could win an...

Roger Federer is used to competition on the tennis court, not in the boardroom, but the 20-time Grand Slam champion is locked in a battle over the personalised 'RF' branding that Nike designed. He wants it back, but a legal expert believes Nike could continue to exploit the logo.
Roger Federer in Uniqlo gear.

You can now buy Roger Federer’s entire 5-piece Uniqlo tennis outfit for $120

Roger Federer is renowned for his elegance on and off the court, and now tennis fans can attempt to imitate the 20-time Grand Slam champion's fashion sense. His new 5-piece Uniqlo outfit is available to pre-order direct from his new kit sponsor for just $120.
Roger Federer.

Why Roger Federer is just like pop icon Michael Jackson, according to Andre Agassi

Andre Agassi has compared 20-time Grand Slam tennis champion Roger Federer to the late, great pop king Michael Jackson — because once he is gone, everybody will regret not seeing him live. According to Agassi, Federer is just that good.
Roger Federer.

Roger Federer lost his iconic ‘RF’ logo when he terminated his contract with Nike — but he wants it back

The tennis champion Roger Federer has a match on his hands — not on the court, but in the boardroom. He lost a key part of his brand, the lucrative "RF" logo, when his contract with Nike expired. Now he wants it back.
Dylan Alcott has excelled in wheelchair basketball and in tennis.

A Paralympic gold medallist says he came face-to-face with a naked Roger Federer in a locker room — and he accidentally saw his manhood

The paralympic gold medalist Dylan Alcott met his idol Roger Federer in a locker room but got more than he bargained for when he realised the tennis star was completely naked — and he was face-to-face with his manhood.

Bear Grylls convinced Roger Federer to climb the Swiss Alps and eat fish eyeballs — and he said it was scarier than playing a Grand Slam final

Federer told Grylls how he was outside of his comfort zone, and was much less scared when playing tennis. Grylls said it just shows everyone has fear, no matter who they are. Then the pair had a game of ping pong, which Federer won.
Rafa Nadal.

This is what makes Rafa Nadal so rare, according to Andre Agassi — and it gives him an edge over Roger Federer

Rafa Nadal must defeat 2018 Wimbledon Championships semifinal opponent Novak Djokovic if he is to make Sunday's final, and Andre Agassi believes there is one reason why he has managed to stay in the competition ahead of Roger Federer, who was eliminated earlier this week.
Roger Federer.

Roger Federer’s master plan for 2018 backfired spectacularly — and his biggest rival could now threaten his G.O.A.T status

Roger Federer skipped the clay season in tennis so that he could be as fit as possible for the 2018 Wimbledon Championships, but he was then knocked out of the tournament in the quarterfinal stage by Kevin Anderson. His arch rival, Rafa Nadal, will likely take advantage of the situation.