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Mueller is seeking the transcript of Roger Stone’s testimony to the House Intelligence Committee, bringing the longtime Trump confidant closer t...

Stone has come under scrutiny from the special counsel's office, as it investigates Russian interference in the 2016 election and possible collusion.

Trump ally Roger Stone has settled a defamation suit with a Chinese businessman he called a ‘turncoat criminal’ in InfoWars articles

Stone will publicly retract and apologize for the claims he made about Chinese businessman Guo Wengui in the news media and on his social media.

Former Trump adviser Roger Stone snubs Senate and invokes Fifth Amendment in Russia probe

Former Trump adviser Roger Stone is asserting his Fifth Amendment privilege and declining to provide documents requested of him by a Senate committee.

Trump may be guilty of witness tampering after Roger Stone tweet, legal experts say

President Donald Trump on Monday suggested people who cooperate with the special counsel Robert Mueller lack "guts."

Roger Stone says Jerome Corsi committed a crime by reportedly lying to the FBI

Roger Stone said "the only thing illegal here" is "that [Corsi] tried to delete these emails and then lied about them to federal agents."
Special counsel Robert Mueller.

Mueller reportedly has potentially damning emails between Roger Stone and Jerome Corsi that throw a wrench in their claims about WikiLeaks

Prosecutors reportedly laid out the emails in a statement of offense that Robert Mueller's office sent to Jerome Corsi.

Paul Manafort forcefully denies explosive report that he secretly met with Julian Assange at the height of the 2016 campaign

The special counsel Robert Mueller will be keenly interested in the timing of the reportedly secret meeting between Paul Manafort and Julian Assange.

Roger Stone associate Jerome Corsi reportedly turns down plea deal from Robert Mueller: ‘I will not lie to save my life’

Roger Stone associate Jerome Corsi says that he's turned down a plea deal from special prosecutor Robert Mueller.

New text messages show Roger Stone associate Randy Credico may have known more than he was letting on about WikiLeaks’ plans during the 2016 ele...

Texts between Roger Stone and Randy Credico may indicate Credico knew more than he was letting on about WikiLeaks' plans during the 2016 election.
Roger Stone in Trump Tower

Top Trump campaign officials and right-wing media allies were convinced Roger Stone was much closer to WikiLeaks than he’s let on

New emails and text messages suggest that members of the Trump campaign saw the longtime GOP operative Roger Stone as a backchannel to WikiLeaks.