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INSIDE TRUMP’S MEETING WITH SENATE REPUBLICANS: President brings up trade deals the GOP keeps fretting about

President Donald Trump joined Senate Republicans for their weekly policy lunch on Tuesday, where he discussed a litany of issues he wants lawmakers to focus on in the coming months, as well as his own plans for the next several weeks.
Ron Johnson.

Republicans just fired another shot in their crusade against top FBI officials

Thursday's letter from Republican Sen. Ron Johnson is the latest development in the GOP's investigation into bias within the DOJ and FBI.
Ron Johnson.

A wild conspiracy theory about an FBI ‘secret society’ has been swirling around the right-wing universe

A wild conspiracy about an FBI "secret society" has overtaken much of the right-wing media ecosystem in recent days.
Sen. Ron Johnson speaks with reporters.

2 holdout GOP senators may’ve just put the tax bill over the top

Republican Sens. Ron Johnson and Steve Daines on Friday said they would support the GOP tax bill, possibly giving it enough votes to pass.
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and President Donald Trump

Senate Republicans are getting closer to passing their enormous tax bill

Some Senate Republicans that disliked the GOP tax plan appear to be coming around on the bill, but trouble still remains.
President Donald Trump

It’s the ‘most important day of the year’ in Washington

Government-shutdown negotiations, Federal Reserve chair hearings, and the Senate Budget Committee's consideration of the tax bill make Tuesday a huge day in DC.
Sen. Susan Collins of Maine.

These are the GOP senators that could take down the Republican tax bill

Possible Republicans defectors from the GOP tax bill include Jeff Flake, Bob Corker, Susan Collins, John McCain, Ron Johnson, and more.
Sen. Ron Johnson

The Republican tax plan could slam into a wall tomorrow

The Senate Budget Committee is set to take up the Republican tax bill on Tuesday, but GOP Sen. Ron Johnson could block it in the Committee without changes.

A second GOP senator just came out against the current Senate tax cut bill

Sen. Steve Daines became the second GOP senator to defect from the Republican tax bill on Monday, citing the bill's treatment of pass-through businesses.

Here’s why it’s going to be hard to win over the GOP senator objecting to the tax bill

I told you this was going to be an issue. Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson is the first Republican to defect on the tax bill, over 'pass-through' tax issues.