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Elton John (left) and Queen Elizabeth II with Prince Andrew.

Elton John called Prince Andrew’s 21st birthday party ‘the world’s quietest disco’ because no one wanted to offend the Queen

The singer said that despite the music being "turned down about as low as you could get without switching it off," he still danced with Her Majesty.
The Duchess of Cambridge in Pakistan on October 14, 2019, and Princess Diana in the country in 1996.

Kate Middleton channeled Princess Diana by wearing a stunning traditional Pakistani dress

The Duchess of Cambridge wore a shalwar-kameez, a traditional dress and trouser combination, for the first day of her royal tour of Pakistan.
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in Islamabad, Pakistan on Tuesday, October 15.

A former royal protection officer told us how Prince William and Kate Middleton’s bodyguards will warn them of potential threats in Pakistan

The couple's visit to Pakistan will be their "most complex tour" to date, Kensington Palace said in a statement.
Markle is suing the Mail on Sunday.

Hillary Clinton blames racism for Meghan Markle’s ‘inexplicable’ treatment by the media

"Well, I think if the explanation is that she's biracial, then shame on everybody," the former First Lady told The Sunday Times.
Meghan, Duchess of Sussex.

Meghan Markle may have leaked the contents of her own letter even before her dad gave it to the Mail on Sunday

A friend of Meghan Markle quoted the letter during an interview with People magazine before Thomas Markle had ever leaked it to the Mail on Sunday.
Her Majesty the Queen is reportedly also known as "Sharon" or "S."

The Queen’s royal protection officers reportedly use ‘Sharon’ as a secret codename for her when out in public

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are also reportedly called "Davina Scott" and "David Stevens" by palace staff.
The Duchess of Cambridge at London's Natural History Museum on Wednesday.

Kate Middleton just nailed the culotte trend by wearing a $108 pair from Jigsaw with a Chanel handbag and matching turtleneck sweater

Kate Middleton opted for a casual look for her final UK engagement before her tour of Pakistan next week.
Prince Carl Philip, Princess Sofie, and King Carl Phlip with Prince Gabriel at his christening ceremony in 2017.

King Carl Gustaf has removed almost all of his grandchildren from the Swedish royal family, except for ‘the heir and the spare’

Princess Estelle, age 7, and Prince Oscar, age 3, are the "heir and the spare" to the Swedish throne after their mother.

The most iconic photos from 29 royal weddings throughout modern British history

To celebrate Sarah Ferguson's birthday on October 15, Insider gathered photos or paintings from the most iconic royal weddings throughout history.
The Duke and Duchess of Sussex and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are reuniting for a special project.

Meghan Markle, Prince Harry, Kate Middleton, and Prince William are starring in a commercial written by ‘Love Actually’ director Richard C...

The "Fab Four" reunited to narrate a "special film showing how we can look after our mental health," which aired in the UK on Monday evening.