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Paul Manafort

Paul Manafort is reportedly hitting the brakes on cooperating with Mueller

Reports of a breakdown in talks came after Trump appointed acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker, who has railed against the special counsel Robert Mueller.

While he was Jeff Sessions’ top aide, Matthew Whitaker reportedly advised Trump on how he could force the DOJ to cave to his demands

The news is just the latest in a series of revelations that throw Whitaker's independence from the White House into question.

Trump’s new talking point about Mueller is ‘flat out wrong,’ legal experts say

Trump says Robert Mueller's investigation is unconstitutional because Mueller wasn't confirmed by Senate. Legal experts say Trump is "flat out wrong."

Jeff Sessions says he doesn’t regret recusing himself, is confident Mueller probe conducted ‘appropriately and with justification’

Sessions told the WSJ he believes Mueller's Russia investigation will be conducted "appropriately and with justification."

‘Seriously? This guy?’: Matthew Whitaker’s appointment as acting attorney general has FBI and DOJ officials in a ‘daze’

FBI and DOJ officials expressed shock and frustration at President Trump's appointment of Matthew Whitaker as acting attorney general.

Trump to CNN reporter who asked if acting attorney general will rein in Mueller: ‘What a stupid question’

President Donald Trump both defended and distanced himself from controversial acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker during a Friday press conference.
Robert Mueller.

Robert Mueller has reportedly begun drafting his final report in the Russia probe

Matthew Whitaker, the new acting attorney general who now oversees the Russia probe, has final say on whether Mueller's report sees the light of day.

Trump’s new acting attorney general, who has publicly railed against Mueller, reportedly will not recuse himself from the Russia probe

Matthew Whitaker reportedly does not plan to recuse himself from the Russia investigation and would not approve a request to subpoena Trump.
(L to R) House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (R-CA) and ranking member Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA).

Democrats just gained a powerful investigative tool that could change the whole landscape of the House Russia probe

The most crucial weapon at Democrats' disposal, particularly in the wake of Jeff Sessions' ouster, is the ability to subpoena documents and witnesses.
Attorney General Jeff Sessions has caught the president's ire for months.

Democrats are sounding every alarm now that Trump has forced Jeff Sessions to resign

Several prominent Democrats have raised concerns that Session's departure may throw a wrench in Robert Mueller's investigation.