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Mueller is said to be probing the Trump campaign’s ties to the NRA during the 2016 election

Two figures — the Russian banker Alexander Torshin and his longtime assistant, Maria Butina — appear to be at the center of the investigation.
Rudy Giuliani.

Giuliani alludes to ‘tapes’ in a perplexing interview on BuzzFeed News’ report, immediately walks it back

Rudy Giuliani alluded to hearing taped conversations between President Donald Trump and Michael Cohen during a freewheeling interview.

A Russian supersonic heavy bomber crashed in the Arctic, killing most of the crew

A Russian Tupolev Tu-22M3 bomber crash-landed in the Arctic Tuesday after a training flight. At least three of the four crew members are dead.

The most bizarre tweets from ‘Women for Cohen,’ the Michael Cohen-funded account promoting him as a ‘sex symbol’

Michael Cohen paid a tech firm to run a Twitter account with the purpose of making him look like a "sex symbol" during the 2016 election.
TV image of President Richard M. Nixon announcing his resignation in speech from the Oval Office.

‘It’s history repeating itself’: Experts say the Trump-Cohen situation is reminiscent of Nixon era

"The first article of impeachment against Nixon was just this: obstruction by directing others to lie. This is not hysteria ... It's history."
Michael Cohen and Donald Trump.

Trump has been implicated in several federal crimes, but here’s why experts say he hasn’t faced legal consequences

According to legal experts, perhaps the only reason Donald Trump has not been charged with a crime is the fact he is president.
The amphibious assault ship USS Iwo Jima sails past the Statue of Liberty as it enters New York Harbor, November 10, 2016.

The US Navy’s newest fleet is bulking up for ‘leaner, agile’ operations to counter Russia in the Atlantic and the Arctic

Second Fleet, originally set up to deter the Soviet Union, was deactivated in 2011. Now it's back and is focused on being more flexible and effective.

Advanced Russian fighter jets collide in mid-air with at least one crashed near Japan

Two Russian Su-34 fighter-bombers collided in mid-air during training over the Strait of Tartary near Japan, Russian media reported Friday.
US Air Force technicians perform an electrical check on an LGM-30F Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missile in its silo at Whiteman Air Force Base, Missouri on January 1, 1980.

Trump just reimagined how the US will fight nuclear wars — but it’s a losing battle with Russia

Russia already credits US missile defenses as the reason behind insanely dangerous new nuclear weapons, and this will likely make the problem worse.
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's had a rocky 2018.

Facebook takes down 360 fake pages and accounts run by employees at Russian state-owned news agency Sputnik

Facebook has been trying to clean up its act after allowing Russian interference in the US election.