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A third of software downloaded on the world’s PCs is unlicensed, and it’s costing the industry $46 billion

It's also exposing companies and individual users to malware attacks, each of which cost an average of $2.4 million and 50 days to resolve.
Zuora CEO Tien Tzuo filed an S-1 to take his "subscription economy" startup public.

The $738 million ‘subscription economy’ company Zuora files to go public

Zuora grew revenue 48.6% last year, but the company still operates at a loss.
Serial tech entrepreneur Dan Wagner founded ATTRAQT in 2003.

Dan Wagner’s old software company ATTRAQT collapses 25% after new CFO finds ‘inaccuracies’

Shares in the company have collapsed after its new CFO found improper revenue forecasting. Full-year revenue forecasts have been cut by 10%.

After his company took a $2 billion haircut in one day, Tableau CFO explains why he’s not changing course

Tableau CFO Tom Walker was asked to explain what the company plans to do to stop the share-price plunge. In a word, nothing.

The hot software-as-a-service startups of the last couple of years are getting murdered

Companies like Box, Zendesk, and Workday, with negative P/E ratios, are getting slaughtered in today's market. Even giant Salesforce isn't immune.

Intuit’s CFO explains how to build cloud-based software customers actually want to use

Intuit has created a $27 billion financial ecosystem in the cloud thanks to QuickBooks, TurboTax, Quicken, and Mint software products.

Microsoft just reminded us how Windows 10 is a huge change from all previous versions

Microsoft used to push out new Windows releases like pushing a boulder up a hill. But with Windows 10, it's releasing a steady stream of updates.