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A 12-year-old boy can be seen pinned to the ground by police officers, wearing a "spit mask."

A viral video shows officers in Sacramento handcuffing a struggling 12-year-old boy and putting him in a ‘spit mask’ to ‘defuse the ...

The bystander's video, first released by Black Lives Matter Sacramento on May 8, sparked outrage at the level of force used against a small child.
Tourists at the Griffith Observatory look out at a smog-covered Los Angeles.

These are the 8 major US cities with the worst air pollution — and 4 are in California

California cities saw high pollution levels in 2018 due to wildfires.
The Santa Ynez Valley along California's Central Coast.

A small town in California has sunk more than 2 feet in the last decade, and it could be part of a disturbing trend

The California town of Arbuckle has sunk more than two feet in the last nine years.
A burned car sits in a burned out business after the Camp Fire moved through the area on November 8, 2018 in Paradise, California.

Dramatic video shows a driver trying to escape a Northern California wildfire through a wall of smoke and flames

The Camp Fire is burning in Butte County, California, about 90 miles north of Sacramento. The flames had burned 18,000 acres as of Wednesday evening.
Attorney Ben Crump looks at a diagram showing gunshot wounds to Stephon Clark during a news conference at the Southside Christian Center on March 30, 2018 in Sacramento, California.

Autopsy diagram shows the spots in Stephon Clark’s back and side where he was shot by Sacramento police

An independent autopsy revealed Friday that Sacramento police shot 22-year-old Stephon Clark multiple times in the back and side.

An Apple facility that repairs iPhones in California called 911 over 2,000 times in 4 months — and nobody knows how to stop it

Documents reviewed by Business Insider show how city officials have struggled to stop a rash of false emergency calls originating from an Apple facility.
Sacramento police officer pointing his gun at Clark after the fatal shooting.

Sacramento police release body cam footage of officers fatally shooting unarmed black man in his own backyard

The victim, 22-year-old Stephon Clark, was later found holding an iPhone.

Retiring HPE CEO Meg Whitman has a new goal: Partial owner of a Major League Soccer team

The tech mogul joined a bid to bring Major League Soccer to Sacramento, just months before her planned retirement from Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

Dash-cam video shows Sacramento police trying to run over a mentally ill man before fatally shooting him

"F--k this guy," one of the officers can be heard saying before the car turns toward the man.

Sacramento mayor and former NBA star Kevin Johnson reportedly beat a protester to a ‘bloody pulp’ after getting a pie thrown in his face

A protester reportedly threw a pie in Kevin Johnson's face at a dinner event. Johnson attacked the protester and reportedly punched him repeatedly.