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Lyft is requiring safety education courses for its drivers after a spate of sexual assaults

The ride-hailing giant announced three new safety products on Tuesday, including a direct-to-911 button, after a being slammed with a lawsuit.
Not out t get you, despite what you think.

Bear attacks and falling rocks? Here’s what to know to stay safe while hiking

Nature-focused Instagram accounts offer tons of inspiration for wanna-be hikers. But you may not have the skills to make it to your coveted photo spot safely.

14 women have filed a lawsuit against Lyft accusing the company of not addressing a ‘sexual predator crisis’ among drivers

The lawsuit accuses the ride-hailing company of not adding safety features like a panic button to its app quickly enough.

I was a professional cyclist, and these are the bike helmets I trust most for safety on the road and the trail — here’s why they’re ...

Swedish bike helmet company POC offers helmets for every discipline, from road racing to casual commuting. Here are the helmets I swear by as a cyclist.

A man died after an elevator pinned his body between floors. You’re still more likely to be killed by a bear or in a bathtub.

About 27 people die from elevator accidents each year; the vast majority are maintenance workers, not passengers.

Amazon was caught selling toys containing dangerous levels of lead — including maracas with 411 times the legal lead limit

Lead is highly toxic and can build up over time through contact with the skin, causing potentially fatal health consequences.
The New York City Police Department's counterterrorism unit patrols in Times Square.

13 travel warnings other countries have issued about visiting the US

The State Department issues travel advisories about the safety, health, laws, and customs of other countries. Other countries do the same for the US.
In airplane Those seated in the rear seats of a plane have a survival rate 20% better than those seated in the front few rows of an aircraft.

From boats to planes and cars, here are the safest places to sit in every kind of vehicle

Certain parts of planes, cars, trains, buses, and boats can be safer for passengers and have resulted in fewer fatalities or injuries.
Protesters against gun violence dressed in white clothe hold up photos of the victims of gun violence in Times Square in response to recent mass shootings in El Paso, Texas and Denton, Ohio on August 4, 2019 in New York City.

Uruguay just warned citizens against visiting the US after the El Paso shooting that reportedly targeted Hispanic people

On Monday, Uruguay's foreign ministry advised citizens not to travel to the US and specifically called out hate crimes and gun violence.