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A new company just launched that can detect depression based on the sound of your voice — here’s how it works

Behavioral health-tech startup Cogito has spun out a new company focused on detecting mental illnesses like depression based on the sound of your voice.

Why Salesforce needs a new $50 million fund when it already has its own VC arm

App Cloud is Salesforce's fastest growing business.

These VCs have the most companies on the path to going public

Sequoia and Andreessen have the most companies that stand to go public sometime soon.

Salesforce — not a VC firm — is now the top investor in one of the hottest tech industries

Salesforce is beating VC firms at its own game in the enterprise-software industry, according to JMP Securities.

A startup that didn’t get any funding in its first 7 years just raised $108 million — and is now worth over $1 billion

Apttus just raised another $108 million, which makes it the latest "Unicorn" startup.

How $50 billion Salesforce is turning into one of the most aggressive investors in Silicon Valley

Salesforce has been increasing its VC investments lately, turning into one of the more aggressive corporate VCs in the valley.