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Lenovo has unveiled a preview of the world’s first foldable computer – and it proves foldable tech is not just for smartphones and tablets...

The Lenovo foldable PC's display size would beat that of current smart devices by several fold - no pun intended.
The Galaxy Fold's 7.3-inch inner display is just the right size for reading, watching video, and playing mobile games.

Samsung’s wildly ambitious $2,000 folding phone is a disaster for the smartphone giant — here’s what happened

In the span of a few days, Samsung's pricey foldable smartphone went from promising concept to public relations nightmare.
The Galaxy Fold is an ambitious first attempt at a new smartphone form factor for Samsung.

Samsung may break its silence on what’s going on with Galaxy Fold’s launch in ‘a couple of days’

A new release date for the Samsung Galaxy Fold may be announced in a 'couple of days' following the company's investigation into broken screen issues.

Google is ‘absolutely’ thinking about foldable phones, the company’s Pixel chief says

Google's head of Pixel says the company is "absolutely" thinking about use cases for foldable phones, although the company can't elaborate just yet.

Samsung is canceling pre-orders of the $2,000 Galaxy Fold if it doesn’t ship by the end of May

In an email sent to customers who pre-ordered the Galaxy Fold, Samsung warned that pre-orders will be cancelled if it doesn't ship by May 31.

Samsung’s rocky Galaxy Fold launch is a cautionary tale for its biggest rivals

Samsung's Galaxy Fold launch didn't unfold the way the company had expected. Here's what other companies can learn from Samsung's missteps.

A teardown of Samsung’s Galaxy Fold reveals how ‘alarmingly fragile’ it is

A teardown of Samsung's Galaxy Fold indicates the device is fragile, coming just after the phone was delayed because of review units breaking.
This was never going to work off the bat.

There were major red flags that Samsung’s $1,980 Galaxy Fold foldable smartphone wouldn’t be ready in time

There were major red flags that the $1,980 Galaxy Fold phone wasn't ready, like the fact Samsung wouldn't show it to anyone at launch.
The Galaxy Fold is an ambitious first attempt at a new smartphone form factor for Samsung.

These are the best and worst things about using Samsung’s $2,000 foldable smartphone

Samsung's Galaxy Fold, the $2,000 folding smartphone the company announced in February, very much feels like a first-generation product.

Samsung says it’s delaying the Galaxy Fold launch after broken review units ‘showed us how the device needs further improvements’

Samsung has delayed the release of its Galaxy Fold and says it will announce a new release date in the coming weeks.