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People who owned the Galaxy Note 7 are excited for the Note 8 despite last year’s battery debacle

One chart shows how previous Samsung Galaxy Note 7 owners are more excited for the Note 8 than other consumers.

2 key metrics show the perception of Samsung’s entire brand has tumbled over its exploding phones

Samsung's "Recommend" and "Consideration" YouGov BrandIndex scores have slumped.

Samsung tells everyone to stop selling its exploding phones

Samsung just halted sales of the Galaxy Note 7 after reports the replacement phones could still explode.

Airlines and the FAA have placed major restrictions on flying with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7

American, Delta, United, Southwest, Air France, Virgin America, Virgin Atlantic, and Emirates Airlines have all placed restrictions on the Samsung Galaxy Note7.

Here’s how to return your Galaxy Note 7 before it explodes

Here's how the four major carriers are instructing customers to deal with Samsung's disastrous Galaxy Note 7 recall.