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Huawei’s highly anticipated foldable phone has been delayed yet again

Huawei has delayed the release date of its Mate X foldable phone yet again after the initial launch window was pushed from June to September.
You can use Samsung's One UI to do split-screen multitasking on a Galaxy S10.

How to delete apps on your Samsung Galaxy, or disable apps that can’t be removed

You can delete apps on a Samsung Galaxy through each app's settings page or by tapping and holding apps. You can otherwise disable some built-in apps.
Samsung Galaxy S10

How to block specific phone numbers or all unknown callers on your Samsung Galaxy phone

You can block a number on your Samsung Galaxy phone for specific phone numbers or block all unknown callers at once. Here's how to do each.
Samsung's new Galaxy Note 10.

Samsung may release a smartphone with new battery technology that can fully charge less than 30 minutes

Samsung announced in 2017 that it's developing new graphene battery technology, and it's now rumored to arrive by 2020.
It's easy to turn off read receipts on your Samsung Galaxy phone.

How to turn off read receipts for messages on your Samsung Galaxy phone

It's easy to turn off read receipts on a Samsung Galaxy phone from the settings menu in the Messages app. Here's how to do it.

How to record your screen on a Samsung Galaxy S10, for recording any third-party app through the Game Launcher

You can screen record on a Samsung Galaxy S10 – but only for third-party apps, not the Home screen or built-in apps. Here's how to do it.
The new Galaxy Note 10 phones.

The cheapest Galaxy Note 10 costs $950, but you can get it for $350 if you trade in a few specific smartphones

Samsung's $600 trade-in offer for your old smartphone still stands, but only a few will fetch you that $600 discount.
The new Galaxy Note 10, in "aura glow."

People are mad at Samsung for killing the headphone jack in its latest phone, but it’s a smart business decision

The Galaxy Note 10 is the first Samsung smartphone without a headphone jack. The move makes a lot of sense for Samsung.

Samsung just unveiled the first smartphone camera that goes beyond 100 megapixels

It's designed to take ultra-detailed photos, perform better in low light, and can record video at up to 6K resolution.

The biggest differences between Samsung’s giant new Galaxy Note 10 and Apple’s iPhone XS

Samsung just launched its Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus smartphones. Here's how they compare to their biggest rivals, the iPhone XS and XS Max.