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The author, pictured, spends about $175 a month on groceries.

I’m vegan, and I spend about $175 a month on groceries — here’s exactly what I buy

I spend about $175 a month on vegan staples such as rice, tofu, vegetables, and pasta at grocery stores outside San Francisco.
Brex co-founders, Pedro Franceschi (left) and Henrique Dubugras (middle)

Here’s a look inside credit card startup Brex’s new member-only San Francisco lounge

Dubbed "The Oval Room," the space feels like a homier version of a WeWork, with sectional couches instead of communal work tables.

San Francisco’s new public trains are clean, spacious and surprisingly quiet — here’s what it’s like to ride one

Many of the Bay Area Rapid Transit trains currently in use have been around since the 1970s.
Palm Springs was a popular destination in the '70s.

20 vintage photos of California during its heyday

The hippie movement helped usher in a cultural renaissance in California during the '60s and '70s.
San Francisco may be welcoming a whole new fleet of millionaires by the end of 2019.

Tech CEOs in San Francisco are paying up to $10 million to throw ragers when their companies go public — and they’re going all out with ic...

Several start-ups in San Francisco are expected to go public in 2019 — and tech CEOs are preparing with IPO parties that cost more than $10 million.
A trash can on Market Street in San Francisco.

San Francisco streets are so dirty, the city is spending nearly $300,000 on trash bins that send a warning when they’re overflowing

San Francisco is installing sensors on 1,000 trash bins in an effort to curb littering and illegal dumping.
San Diego has stunning beaches.

12 places to go in California other than Los Angeles

Instead of the traffic jams in Los Angeles, see quaint cottages in Carmel-by-the-Sea, go rock-climbing in Yosemite, or go surfing in San Diego.
San Francisco could see a massive rise in its number of millionaires by the end of 2019.

San Francisco could be home to thousands of new millionaires by the end of 2019, and it’s sparking a ‘housing madness’ in the alread...

If Bay Area tech start-ups like Pinterest and Uber go public in 2019, San Francisco could see a massive increase in millionaires — and housing prices.

An edible straw made of seaweed could soon replace polluting plastic straws

Loliware launched a seaweed straw that dissolves over time as a replacement for plastic straws.
San Francisco wa

I moved from New England to San Francisco — here are the 7 things that surprised me most

I moved from Connecticut to San Francisco more than 30 years ago and realized I was completely wrong about several aspects of the city.