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President Donald Trump speaks at a tour of US-Mexico border wall prototypes near the Otay Mesa Port of Entry in San Diego, California on March 13, 2018.

A majority of Americans oppose building Trump’s wall, but 83% support giving Dreamers citizenship

A majority of Americans are opposed to building a wall along the southern border, but are in support of striking a deal over DACA, according to a new Gallup poll. Here's how Americans feel about four immigration issues.

SANCTUARY SHOWDOWN: Trump’s Justice Department is ‘going to war’ with California

The Justice Department on Tuesday evening sued California officials over three state laws passed last year, arguing that they violated the US constitution.

Here’s the story behind the death of an NFL linebacker that Trump is blaming on illegal immigration

President Donald Trump on Tuesday again used a prominent death allegedly caused by an unauthorized immigrant to call for a crackdown on illegal immigration.

The acting ICE director said politicians who run ‘sanctuary cities’ should be charged with crimes

Acting ICE director Thomas Homan said he asked the Justice Department to look into whether officials in so-called "sanctuary cities" can be criminally charged.
Haitian immigrants and supporters rally to reject DHS Decision to terminate TPS for Haitians, at the Manhattan borough in New York

The 10 best cities in the US for immigrants

From Los Angeles and San Jose to Boston and New York City, these are the most immigrant-friendly cities in the United States.
Kate Steinle.

Kate Steinle’s death at the hands of a Mexican national became a flashpoint in the immigration debate — here’s the story behind her ...

The surprise aquittal of Jose Ines Garcia Zarate in the shooting death of San Francisco woman Kate Steinle set off a firestorm of outrage Thursday night.
Donald Trump at a news conference near the US-Mexico border during his presidential campaign.

Trump says ‘weak on crime’ Democrats will pay after serial border crosser acquitted of murder

Democrats oppose President Donald Trump's immigration policies and support sanctuary cities, which limit cooperation with federal immigration authorities.

A federal judge just dealt another blow to the Trump administration’s crackdown on ‘sanctuary cities’

A federal judge in Chicago issued a nationwide injunction that blocks Attorney General Jeff Sessions' attempt to deny certain funds to "sanctuary cities."

Houston’s mayor praises federal ruling on Texas’ ‘sanctuary cities’

"Happy to learn a federal judge blocked the Texas law aimed at making local police immigration enforcers."

A ‘culture of lawlessness’: Sessions slams Chicago after city sues Justice Department

Attorney General Jeff Sessions cracked down on "sanctuary cities" in July, making some grants conditional on cooperation with federal immigration authorities.