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Elon Musk’s new Starship would be a monster rocket if built. Here’s how the SpaceX launch system compares to NASA’s 2 biggest rocket...

SpaceX's Mars rocket may be millions of pounds heavier and dozens of feet taller than the Apollo-era Saturn V, which sent astronauts to the moon.

A car ad in space finally brought the country together

SpaceX launched a Tesla into space on its Falcon Heavy Rocket and for a moment, this divided country was finally cheering for the same team together.

Lego just launched a giant Apollo Saturn V moon rocket set that comes with 1,969 pieces

You can rocket to the moon and back for just $119 with this built-to-scale NASA Apollo mission set.

Here’s the massive amount of fuel it takes to launch a rocket into space — measured in elephants

The Saturn V rocket burned through 763 Asian elephants worth of propellant during lift-off.