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Alex Reynolds.

I’m a female traveler who spent 3 weeks backpacking around Saudi Arabia — and discovered it’s not for the casual vacationer. Here...

"Restaurants are usually only for 'singles' — men. I often had to look hard to find places where I could sit and eat."
FILE PHOTO: Crew members look over idle oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico near Port Fourchon, Louisiana

The oil market’s threats combine 9/11 with the financial crisis — and could turn prices negative, analyst says

Unless the US can build new storage at a never-before-seen rate, its capacity could fill up and prompt rapid selling, Mizuho Securities said.
"MBS," Ben Hubbard's book on Prince Mohammad.

The Obama administration considered asking Joe Biden to mentor MBS but nixed the idea because the VP was thought to be ‘too old’

The former vice president, 77, continues to face questions about his age as he runs for president this year.
General view of the Arctic oil rig 'Prirazlomnaya' in the Barents Sea owned by energy giant Gazprom on September 14, 2014 near Naryan Mar, Russia.

The price war in oil escalates as both Russia and Saudi Arabia threaten to boost output

First strikes in the conflict pushed oil prices down the most since 1991 on Monday, but optimism out of Russia could be driving a mild recovery.
Crew members look over idle oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico near Port Fourchon, Louisiana August 11, 2010.

Oil bounces back from worst day in 29 years amid prospect of US tax-cut stimulus

Prices gained after President Trump again floated the idea of a "very substantial" payroll tax cut to provide stimulus amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Russia and Saudi Arabia’s oil-price fight shows the world doesn’t have what it takes to fight coronavirus

Setting the price for oil was a test of producers' ability to coordinate with one another in the face of global disaster. And they failed.
In Iraq, workers are spraying the Great Mosque of Kufa with disinfectant to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

The Middle East is coping with the coronavirus by disinfecting mosques and canceling Muslim prayers

Mosques across the Middle East are being disinfected to help combat the spread of the novel coronavirus.

The Saudi crown prince has reportedly detained 3 royal family members for unknown reasons. Meet 34-year-old Mohammed bin Salman, who’s at the ce...

The controversial 34-year-old heir will ascend to the Saudi throne after the death of his father, 84-year-old King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud.
A graph showing the drop in the price of brent crude oil over the last 30 days.

Oil is down 21% after its biggest drop in decades following Saudi price cuts that sparked a race to the bottom with Russia

Oil markets tumbled sharply overnight Sunday in a dramatic sell-off fueled by a price war among some of the world's biggest oil producers.

Oil tumbles 31%, most since Gulf War, after surprise Saudi cuts trigger global price war

Instability in the oil market added to global financial woes and sent everything from stocks to bond yields plummeting.