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Saudi Arabia is planning to turn its rival Qatar into an island

Saudi Arabia may be moving forward with plans to dig a canal along its 38-mile border with Qatar. The canal would turn its Gulf rival into an island. The move may also be aimed at further isolating Qatar, which was diplomatically cut off by Gulf nations last year.

From underdog stories to history being made, the 2018 World Cup is off to a great start

All the thrills and spills of the 2018 World Cup so far.
Tribal fighters loyal to the Yemeni government stand by a tank in al-Faza area near Hodeida, Yemen June 1, 2018.

The UAE boat hit by Houthis off Yemen was reportedly a landing craft, but we don’t know what happened to it

The UAE ship struck by Houthi missiles early Wednesday was a landing craft utility, a knowledgeable source told Business Insider, adding that the missiles were believed to be made by China or Iran.

Saudi Arabia gave the death penalty to four men for plotting to assassinate ‘prominent’ figures

Saudi Arabia plans to execute four men accused of training with Iranian soldiers in terror "camps." The ruling came just a day after the UN published a report which concluded that Saudi Arabia uses its strict anti-terror and national security laws to crackdown on dissent.
Houthi supporters hold up rifles as they rally to protest the killing of Saleh al-Samad, a senior Houthi official, by a Saudi-led coalition air strike in Hodeidah, Yemen April 25, 2018.

The Trump administration is considering getting more involved in Yemen — and aid groups say it could be disastrous

Aid groups and some US officials have said that a military assault on the port could spiral into a humanitarian disaster, effectively closing a port in which so many Yemenis rely on for food and aid.
Al Sanea

‘An enormous, long-standing Ponzi scheme’: A court rules that a Saudi business empire was complicit in defrauding more than 100 banks

A dispute involving a Saudi-Arabian business empire ended after the judge ruled it was complicit in defrauding more than 100 banks for billions of dollars.

Vogue Arabia has been called out for its cover on ‘trailblazing’ Saudi women after the country just arrested a dozen women’s rights ...

Vogue Arabia's June 2018 spread on "trailblazing" Saudi women has been called out for being "tone deaf." The cover features a Saudi princess behind the wheel of a car, and made no mention of the nearly dozen women's rights activists connected to the driving movement who were arrested last week.
A Saudi money changer displays Saudi Riyal banknotes at a currency exchange shop in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia July 27, 2017.

A Florida man impersonated a Saudi prince for decades, cheating investors out of millions of dollars

Anthony Gignac, who had five aliases including Khaled Al-Saud, pleaded guilty to identity theft and fraud, after living a lavish lifestyle. Gignac has pretended to be a Saudi royal for decades, and has reportedly been charged numerous times. He now faces up to 20 years in prison.

Saudi Arabia arrested 10 activists who campaigned for women’s rights to drive just weeks before it plans to lift the ban on driving

Saudi state media has been quick to brand the activists as "traitors," and accused them of forming a "cell" in conjunction with foreign agents, Amnesty International said.