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A demonstrator holds picture of Khashoggi during a protest in front of Saudi Arabia's consulate in Istanbul.

The Saudi hit squad linked to the Khashoggi murder reportedly asked for a performance-related bonus for torturing and kidnapping so many people

The squad was reportedly named the "Saudi Rapid Intervention Group" by US officials, and their duties included kidnapping and torturing state critics.
Roughneck Brian Waldner is covered in mud and oil while wrestling pipe on a True Company oil drilling rig outside Watford, North Dakota.

The US is set to become the world’s biggest oil exporter thanks to the fracking revolution

The US shale boom has made it one of the world's largest energy producers and potentially the largest oil exporter globally in five years.
President Donald Trump's trade war is starting to squeeze retailers and restaurants in the US, according to the Federal Reserve.

Trump’s delivers emphatic, one-word response to Senate vote to terminate the border wall national emergency: ‘VETO!’

In total, 12 Republicans crossed the aisle to join Democrats in voting to terminate the emergency declaration. The veto will be Trump's first.
President Donald Trump.

Senate defies Trump, passes historic resolution to end US support for Saudi Arabia in Yemen war

The resolution will move to the House, where it's expected to pass. But President Donald Trump has vowed to veto it.
A Saudi woman attends a sports game.

Saudi Arabia is prosecuting 10 women’s rights activists, but it won’t let people watch the trial, or even say what they did wrong

The women are prominent activists who argued for women being able to drive, and to end male guardianship.

A Saudi flight was forced to turn around after a passenger realized her baby wasn’t on it

Footage of the conversation between air traffic control and the pilot making the bizarre request to return has since gone viral.
The Riyadh, Saudi Arabia skyline is pictured above in February 2016.

The American woman whose ex-husband was forcing her to stay in Saudi Arabia now has legal residency — but even if she travels, she would have to...

Bethany Vierra's ex-husband remains her daughter's guardian, meaning he has the power to decide whether the girl can travel internationally.
Bethany Vierra, 31 (left), has been trapped in Saudi Arabia thanks to the country's "guardianship" laws that give her ex-husband the power to bar her from returning to the US. Riyadh, where Vierra lives, is pictured on the right.

The American woman whose ex-husband wouldn’t let her leave Saudi Arabia was granted legal residency, letting her travel and use her bank account...

Bethany Vierra said that within hours of The New York Times publishing a story about her case, Saudi officials granted her residency.
The Wing in Soho, Manhattan.

Women’s club The Wing has condemned the government of Saudi Arabia, whose money helped fund its expansion

The Wing, a network of private clubs aimed at women, criticized the government of Saudi Arabia in a statement to INSIDER.
A composite image, from left to right, of Saudi refugee Shahad Mohaimeed; Bethany Vierra, the US citizen trapped in Saudi Arabia; and ex-Saudi Rahaf Mohammed.

Saudi Arabia’s repressive guardianship laws are trapping these women in desperate situations they have little chance of escaping

The latest is US citizen Bethany Vierra, who divorced her Saudi husband in 2018 but is trapped in the kingdom because he won't let her leave.