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My family saved over $400 in a month by staying home during the pandemic — here’s exactly how we spent our money pre- and post-coronavirus...

Spending more time at home means spending less money in certain categories, like gas and dining out.
Starting a family takes a lot of planning.

How to save money if you’re planning to have kids in the next 5 years

If you want to have children soon, start saving for medical expenses in an HSA, saving for childcare expenses, and for leave from work.
"Nested ticketing" could save you a ton of money.

Airlines hate ‘nested ticketing,’ but the little-known trick could save you a ton of money on flights

"Nested ticketing," sometimes also called "back-to-back flights," could help you save a ton of money, but it may be a little risky.

I have $11,861 saved in my health savings account, but I’m still paying health expenses out of pocket because I have much bigger plans for my HS...

You can withdraw HSA money anytime for qualified medical expenses, or you can carry over the balance from year to year, all the way into retirement.
Lauren and Steven Keys.

A couple who engineers all their trips to cost ‘nothing’ explains how they broke even on a $37,000 tour of the US national parks

While the trip cost about $36,800, they earned roughly the same amount during that time through side hustles, part-time work, and rental income.
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I bought my car in cash thanks to a savings strategy that took full advantage of my high-yield savings account

I'd have paid over $500 in interest over the life of a car loan. Instead, I earned over $350 by saving ahead in a high-yield savings account.
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I bought an expensive purse in high school, then my dad showed me how I could have grown that money instead — and I’ve lived by the lesson...

The author's parents taught her many money lessons over the years, but there's one lesson that really stuck — the power of compound interest.
The author is not pictured.

6 places I ‘hide’ money from myself to build wealth for the future

I'm moving my money to high-yield savings, a Roth IRA, and more places where it will grow and be too annoying to tap into just for a passing desire.

8 signs you’re not building wealth as fast as you think

A growing 401(k) balance is always a good thing, but that doesn't necessarily mean you're building wealth.
Sean, who goes by "The Money Wizard," has never stuck to a budget. (He is not pictured.)

I saved over $300,000 in my 20s. Here’s the single best piece of advice I can give you about money.

You and every single dollar you've ever saved are all working together towards making the dream of financial freedom a reality.