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Ally Bank was rated best bank for millennials and best online bank by Kiplinger.

Here’s exactly how much more you’ll save in a high-yield savings account versus a checking account

Saving money in a high-yield savings account rather than traditional checking account earns a small amount of interest, which compounds and grows.
You're missing out if you don't automate your savings. The author is pictured.

I doubled my savings in 2018 and it took only 5 minutes of effort

My savings doubled in 2018, no thanks to some form of personal-finance wizardry: I set up automatic savings and kept it at a different bank.

How automated saving and investing really works — and why more of us should be doing it

When you automate contributions to your savings, investment, or retirement accounts, you're able to put away money from each paycheck with virtually no ongoing effort.

How to easily find a savings account that will earn you more money

Author Gina Ciliberto describes how finding a savings account with a better interest rate can be just a quick search away.
A screenshot of Marcus' UK website.

We tried Marcus, the new service that lets Brits bank with Goldman Sachs for as little as £1 — here’s what we thought

Named for one of the bank's founders, Marcus Goldman, Marcus first launched in the US in 2016, and is part of an effort to diversify its revenue sources as traditional sources of income lag.
You should start saving money as soon as possible.

All your embarrassing questions about saving money, answered

Not everyone is taught about managing money in school, but it's one of the most important things to master as an adult.We answer six common questions about saving money, like when you should start saving money and how much.
The right time to open a savings account is now.

How to start saving money today, even if you think you have nothing to spare

If you're considering opening a savings account, there is no better time than right now, according to financial planners. Whether you're saving for an emergency or planning the ultimate vacation, keeping your money in a secure place should be a priority.

Most people probably don’t know Goldman Sachs offers a savings account with excellent perks — and anyone can use it with just $1

A savings account from Goldman Sachs offers depositors a high yield and no costs. Marcus is available for anybody to open an account.

Anthony Bourdain: ‘Until I was 44, I never even had a savings account’

"Parts Unknown" host, chef, and author Anthony Bourdain says that he did not have a savings account until he was 44.