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John Martin Hill

Police say a man scammed a Georgia woman out of $80,000 after agreeing to marry her within a week of meeting on Match.com

35-year-old John Martin Hill was arrested by Tennessee authorities on suspicion of scamming a Georgia woman out of $80,000 in a romance scheme.
William Blackmore married Andi Potamkin in 2015. Or so he thought.

A celebrity hairstylist has accused his heiress wife of faking a marriage for ‘attention’

In 2015, Jordan Blackmore married Andi Potamkin in a lavish desert wedding with a celebrity guest list. In a new lawsuit, he says it was all fake.
Travis Tritt, left, and the man described in the Facebook post as Billy Lee Eldridge.

Police in Ohio say a viral Facebook post about a man impersonating country star Travis Tritt is a hoax

Capt. Debby Brewer of the Portsmouth police told INSIDER there were no warrants out for Billy Lee Eldridge and no court records of such an incident.
First, there was iBackPack. Then, there was iBackPack 2.0. Neither of them were delivered.

The FTC has taken legal action against iBackPack for raising $800,000 and never delivering products in ‘a deceptive crowdfunding scheme’

In a complaint filed Monday, the FTC accused Douglas Monahan and his iBackPack of operating "a deceptive crowdfunding scheme."
David Bossie speaking at the Freedom Summit at The Executive Court Banquet Facility in 2014.

Trump’s former deputy campaign manager reportedly scammed elderly voters who believed they were donating to pro-Trump conservative candidates

A former Trump deputy campaign manager raised millions of dollars by claiming that his group was spending that money for pro-Trump candidates.
John Lambert has been accused of pretending to be a lawyer.

A 23-year-old who co-founded Students for Trump has been accused of pretending to be a lawyer to scam clients

John Lambert is accused of pretending to be a New York-based lawyer. However, Lambert is not a lawyer and he does not live in New York.
A screengrab of a site identified by the Department of Justice as a fake run by John Pierre Dupont in an alleged scam to steal political donation money.

80-year-old conman set up fake sites for Bernie Sanders, Beto O’Rourke, and others that tricked supporters into sending him $250,000, prosecutor...

John Pierre Dupont pocketed the donations to pay for a Mercedes Benz, rent, parking tickets, and car insurance, according to prosecutors.
Kathy Gross, a victim of the virtual kidnapping scam, interviewed by NBC News.

Phone scammers are pretending to kidnap rich people’s kids and trying to get them to pay ransoms

Scammers are running a "virtual kidnapping" scheme where they demand ransoms from parents without actually taking their kids.

Don’t be fooled: Scammers are pretending to be top YouTube stars and offering ‘gifts’

Philip DeFranco warned his 6 million-plus subscribers not to trust any direct messages pretending to come from his account.
Instagram influencer Caroline Calloway hosts one of her "creative workshops" in New York.

I attended Instagram influencer Caroline Calloway’s 5-hour, $165 creativity workshop that people have called a ‘scam.’ Here’s ...

Caroline Calloway's Instagram-influencer workshops have drawn comparisons to the notorious Fyre Festival. Here's what it was like to attend.