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Tiffany Brown and her son Jonathan.

A mother is accusing her son’s school of ‘racist’ rules after it asked the six-year-old to cut off his dreadlocks

Texas mother Tiffany Brown posted about Midway Independent School District’s dress code and hair policies on Twitter.
A video shows the teacher dragging the 9-year-old boy.

A teacher was reportedly fired after a video showed her dragging a boy with autism down the hall

Video footage shows a teacher in Kentucky dragging a 9-year-old boy by the wrists during the school day in October.
Preston Junior High School in Preston, Idaho.

A teacher who fed a live puppy to a snapping turtle in front of students to put ‘it out of its misery’ is found not guilty of animal cruel...

Robert Crosland, a teacher at Preston Junior High School in Preston, Idaho, never disputed that he fed the puppy to his classroom's pet turtle.
Mingus High School in Cottonwood, Arizona, say their rights are violated by the badges.

A high school requires students who have fallen behind in class to wear ‘scarlet badges’ that have led to ‘public ridicule’

According to a letter from the ACLU, students who are required to wear the "scarlet badge" feel marginalized by their peers and teachers.
Zachary Towns' police escort.

A mom called the police on her son because he wouldn’t wake up on time for school

Zachary Towns, 14, said he regrets not getting up for school and thinks he might have tested his mom's limits a little too much.
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25 thoughtful gifts for teachers to thank them around the holidays

As the year winds down, it's only proper to show your teachers some love and appreciation for all they do to support your kids.
Taking notes — but it's not like that!

A high school is worried its students have no practical skills so it created an ‘Adulting Day’ to prepare them for life after graduation

One school in Kentucky wants to better equip its students for real-world success, so it devoted an entire day to teaching them "adult" skills.

A 10-year-old was forced to walk to school in freezing weather as punishment for bullying, and it’s causing controversy online

Ohio parent Matt Cox decided to teach his daughter a lesson after she was suspended from riding the school bus for bullying another student.
Christmas crime scene (file photo)

Kids were left traumatized after their school staged an ‘elf murder’ for a writing project

Students at Flowery Field Primary School in the town of Hyde, England, found a Christmas-themed crime scene in their classroom on Tuesday.
Reagan Phillips

A teacher reportedly taped a 10-year-old girl’s mouth shut because she talked too much in class

Reagan Phillips, a 5th-grade student at Dupont Tyler Middle School in Nashville, Tennessee, says her teacher put tape over her mouth during class.