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Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella

Microsoft buys a classroom video startup with 20 million users as it pushes against Google

Microsoft has purchased Flipgrid, a Minneapolis-based educational startup that encourages students to share videos with each other. In the bigger picture, Microsoft and Google are sparring for control of the classroom tech scene.
The renovated Cristo Rey St. Martin College Prep school in Waukegan, Illinois.

Before-and-after images show how an abandoned Kmart was transformed into a high school

In the Chicago suburb of Waukegan, Illinois, the design firm JGMA converted an old Kmart into a bright blue-and-green high school. Before the transformation, the big-box store laid abandoned.

Mark Zuckerberg once made a $100 million investment in a major US city to help fix its schools — now the mayor says the effort ‘parachuted...

In 2010, Mark Zuckerberg donated $100 million toward the creation of a foundation aimed at improving Newark, New Jersey's school system. In an interview, Mayor Ras Baraka said he wished the group would've engaged community members more.

Apple’s new iPad for schools is nearly impossible to repair

Schools may need to pay Apple or repair specialists to do routine maintenance.

Apple just introduced a new iPad aimed at teachers and students — take a look

Apple announced the new iPad at an education event in Chicago.

An education startup you’ve never heard of is now in 70% of US school districts

The startup Kiddom is quickly enticing teachers across the US with the "personalized learning" model.
Robert Hull designed the Gohar Khatoon Girls' School in Mazari Sharif, Afghanistan.

3 of the most beautiful schools in the world

The American Institute of Architects just announced the winners of its annual 2018 Honor Awards, considered the highest achievement in architecture.
Shane Feldman, an undercover high school student on the documentary series "Undercover High." Most people wouldn't dare relive their high school experiences. These people did.

7 young adults went undercover as high-school students and found that life as a teenager today is nothing like they remember

Seven young adults went undercover as students at a Kansas high school for the A&E documentary series "Undercover High."

Baltimore residents are resorting to GoFundMe to heat their freezing public schools

Baltimore students have been wrapping themselves in blankets and heavy coats inside their classrooms to cope with the lack of heat.

‘I did not mean to spread misinformation’: Actress Jenna Fischer issues apology for tweeting outdated information about the GOP tax bill

Actor Jenna Fischer tweeted out a lengthy apology on Wednesday for inaccurately claiming that the GOP tax bill eliminated a deduction for teachers.